2.2 Assassin Blade Vortex - Beybowbowbow - Bow caster


this is my first try at presenting my own build that i currently kinda play in softcore and started in the Talisman league. I was looking for the most crit multi i can get, for a damn cheap price so waht item comes to sense - Death's Harp! i was lucky and got that 6l one for 2 ex in the talisman league. the only Difficulty was to get the right sockets, but im currently pleasedwith what i got. I would suggest that you use vorici and try to roll a red and a green socket, and wirking with what you get for the start. There aer several good options for support gems, and i ten to swap added fire dmg with less duration, unsure of wich i prefer.

I might have to try atziri again as i failed early on but now i think my gear is good enough.

This build might still be a bit klunky skill tree wise, but its fun anyway :)

with full charges i get about 25k DPS with one blade.

my current aura setup is:
-Clarity + Enlighten
-Hatred + Enlighten
-Warlocks Mark + Blasphemy



I would be happy for any feedback you can give!

cheers guys!
Last bumped on Mar 19, 2016, 8:25:14 AM

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