[2.2 Concept] Varunastra + Prismatic Eclipse Crit Sunder Build

I really like the new Varunastra and the Sunder Skill and was thinking of a build combining those two.

The Idea is to use Varunastra in the main hand and Prismatic eclipse 3G in the offhand.
As sunder only uses the main hand, the damage of the offhand is irrelevant. This setup utilizes prismatic eclipse as a "stat stick" which provides a massive attack speed bonus plus some accuracy and block.
The plan is to take the Juggernaut class for accuracy, armour and movement speed.

Here is the tree:

Thoughts on the tree:
- It requires 113 skill points which is quite high
- It skips the Deadly Dilettante, By the sword and Blade of Cunning clusters which i dont think are worth taking
- The tree has only 136% life and 13% block
- Apart from that i really like it
- Any additional points could either go into jewel sockets or life

For gearing i dont really know how the unbreakable node is working with then iron reflexes keystone. If the combined armor/eva amount is doubled the lightning coil/daresso's/and maybe belly is really nice. If not then i would probably skip iron reflexes and go for death's oath with devoto's and ming's heart or a rare armour. Acuity would be awesome but maligaro's should do the job.

- Hatred + HoA
- Sunder - melee phys - fortify - added fire - faster attacks - WED (crit gem?)
- Utility Bloodrage - inc duration - IC - Cwdt
- Leap slam - faster attacks - ? (or whirling blades)
- Enduring cry

Will this concept work? Did i miss something? Better roll duelist?
Would appreciate any input/comments/thoughts!

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