[2.2]HC Block Gladiator. Axe Cleave/Molten/Sunder capable. Per request.

Per request this is a low budget block Gladiator workable with a low budget. Currently being run on BornInBlood_DieInBlood on HC Perandus. Works well with Cleave, Sunder, and Molten Strike.

I would like to note this is my first posted build and is meant as a reference for friends asking me about it all the time. I will also note that it was capable of doing HC Lab at 73 when most people I know won't try it till over 85. It didn't have any problems with it at all.


The build is based around not just having damage from the main damage skill. It uses block reactive skills as well as Ancestral Protector.

Main Attack

This works for any of the skills mentioned above. It could conceivably work for others but I haven't tested.
The first 4 are the ones that work best in a 4 link. 5th and 6th skills in that order as you get 5 and 6 links.

Cleave+Melee Physical Damage+Added Fire Damage+Multi Strike+Weapon Elemental Damage+ Faster Attacks.

4 Links.

Ancestral Protector+Melee Physical Damage+Faster Attacks+Fortify. Fortify to keep it alive longer.
Riposte+Melee Physical Damage+Added Fire+Mana Leech.
Reckoning+Melee Physical Damage+Life Gain on Hit+Endurance Charge on Melee Stun

Supporting skills.

Cast When Damage Taken+Immortal Call+Temporal Chains
Herald of Ashe
Rallying Cry


End game build.

I cannot say for sure what the ending DPS will be like because such a large part of it will depend on the weapon.

Build as of level 78.

This build when buffed with Sulfur Flask, Ancestral Protector, Hatred, Herald of Ash, and Rallying Cry does 20K+ tool tip with Cleave. Somewhat less tool tip with Sunder and a bit more with Molten Strike. This is also with only a 4 link. With Weapon Elemental Damage and Faster attacks the damage should go up considerably.

This is with a 254 PDPS, 378 total DPS 1 Hand Axe.



The nice thing about this is that you don't need a ton of unique items for this build. For it to work correctly you really just need good rares except for The Anvil unique. The other main thing is the correct type of flasks which will admittedly probably cost quite a bit of alts to roll correctly.

Unfortunately I am not sure how to post the single items so I will have to just put up the link to my public profile. In case someone doesn't notice the character is BornInBlood_DieInBlood. My only gladiator.


In particular look at the flasks. Those specific rolls are there for an reason for the utility flasks. Although i would note I would have preferred to roll an Experimenter's Sulfur Flask of Staunching I gave up after about 80 alts and just kept the next Bleed flask.

I would also note that at 77 I manged to get a Zana map with Beyond and Sea Witches. I then procded to tank up to 4 beyond uniques at once. That was 2 Na'em, Bending Stone 1 Haast, Unrelenting Frost and 1 Ephij, Crackling Sky out at one time being fought at one time. The only reason this worked was honestly the potions and the Anvil.

In closing I would like to say that this is not a hugely fast clearing build. What it is though is a build that can get in and tank most bosses or even groups of bosses without much trouble. Especially groups because the more times the reactive abilities go off the more you leech and heal.

For those that have asked me to put it up I hope it helps. And for those same people who keep asking no I am not selling my axe. ;)

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