[2.2] NOOAHS DEADEYE CRIT "ELE WONDER: A Piscator's build on a budget!

This is my Elemental Wander build for the Perandus league. This is a great build that can be used easily for leveling. I hope you enjoy, and even if you don't want to play this build i hope it can atleast be insightful and a interesting read. Let's jump right in!!!


+ Great clear speed
+ Given that Piscator's and Essence Worm is cheap, this build can be run very cheaply in itself. In Perandus i'm bought all the gear and jewels i needed for less than 1 exalt and i also included at 20c pair of Shadows and Dust.
+ Is flexible gear wise, and while it can cost you alot if you really throw exalts around, there are nothing but Essence Worm and the various jewels that are holding you back. A side note here is that Piscator's is really good for it's price and it can cost upwards of 2 exalts to replace it with a better one.
+ Feels powerful to play and as with all wanders fits right into my playstyle atleast. Hope it fits yours aswell.


- VERY intelligence hungry, and our gear suffers from that. I was lucky to get a immensly powerful and cheap 78 int amulet ( ONLY 1 FUSE ... WAT?! ). Others might not be so lucky and will have to split the intelligence out on gear, or suffer from items that act as intelligence stat sticks only.
- The build is somewhat squishy - play to your advantage which is away from all the heat and you'll be fine.. Otherwise you will get hurt.
- With my setup it wouldn't recommend this for HC. Feel free to use my general idea to warp it into one though. I can imagine this build going onto the duelist highway up to the Scion square to get enough life for it to be fine.

Gem and jewel Setup

First of all we'll be using Barrage[Show Gem]. It's a really good skill for single target but this is our main skill so how in the world will we be using this for clearing? [GIF of Barrage w/o Volley Fires] This is where our Volley Fires [Show Jewel] comes in. [GIF of 1 Volley Fire + GIF of 2 Volley Fires] This enables the skill to be used for more than just single target, and will be the skill we will use for everything damage oriented. But this is also a elemental build so we obviously need some flat ele damage as it will be hard to come by - especially considering our wand of choice (More on that later). To make this happen we'll be using a single Mantra of Flames [Show Jewel] and a single Static Electricity [Show Jewel]. I will later show you where to put all the jewels as these has very specific positions in the tree given the requirements of the jewels.
The support gems we'll use for our barrage is the following (Going from most important to least)
[Show all gems]
Barrage - Weapon Elemental Damage - Added Lightning - Faster Attacks - Added Cold - Slower Projectiles
We'll be doing a very interesting CWDT setup in one of our links:
CWDT - Molten Shell - Tempest Shield - Ice Golem
The reason for this is that we then get 3 extra buffs for our Mantra of Flames.
We'll have another CWDT setup in our wand or shield which will be:
CWDT - Inc. Dur. - Immortal Call
We'll be running 4 auras:
A level 1 clarity (very important to just be lvl 1) - Herald of Ice - Herald of Thunder and Wrath.
Aura setup will be Herald of Ice - Herald of Thunder - Curse on Hit - Assassins Mark.
Clarity can be lying seperately with Blood Rage.
We want our Wrath to be in Essence Worm as this makes our mana so much more managable.
We also want a Blood Rage for our frenzy charge generation and a frenzy + faster attacks ( + PCoC, again for bosses if we feel like it) for bosses to sustain it.
For mobility we can go with either a flame dash or lightning warp. Lightning warp is prefered as it can be linked with faster casting and reduced duration to make it better than flame dash and its limiting 3 charge feature. Flame Dash will make room for all the other gems though as we only have 25 gem slots.

Passives, Jewels positions and bandits

Passive Tree
This is our passive tree. For our 4 jewels we will position them as follows: 1 Volley Fire goes into the jewel slot by Acuity and Heartseeker (Outer Ranger), another 1 Volley Fire goes into the jewel slot just above Blood Drinker (Shadow). Mantra of Flames is placed in the jewel slot by Golems Blood (Duelist). Static Electricity goes into the jewel slot by True Strike (Ranger Highway).

As for bandits we'll be going with Oak: Normal(Life), Kraitlyn: Cruel(Attack Speed) and Kraitlyn: Merciless(Frenzy Charge).

Gearing and posibilities

As for uniques we have alot of choices. Be very conscious of what you choose though as the common trap is to strap on all these juicy unique only to find out that you're at a hollow 0 in all of your resists. Choose one or maybe two of these uniques and keep in mind that rares are the ones that makes it run way more consistent and makes you survive longer in almost all cases.
Belly of the Beast is a solid option. While we don't get much evasion it can give us 40% life which is HUGE.
Lightning Coil. Ok so this might straight up throw you into a resistance nightmare, but if you get it going then you'll be alot more tanky. Very nice option for those who can afford it. Unlike Belly or a rare chest piece that works wonders with itself this requires alot of gear synergy and can really limit you in your choice or gear. Unless you're very confident in your currency pool or you have a great rare item pool don't go for this :).
Here i'm using Belly of the Beast, but a rare armor isn't bad at all... Hell if you get it high end enough it might just be better than the other choices.

Rat's Nest is a very good damage option and provides some great tools for making us dish (EVEN MORE) damage to the poor creatures of Wraeclast. Does come with the downside of no resistances which can hurt your other gearing options.
Alpha's Howl is good if all you need is that final cold res to max out and you want to boost your heralds to the next level (Badum tish...). Also opens up your mana, which can be quite stained at times. DOES NOT HOWEVER ENABLE THE OPTION OF REMOVING ESSENCE WORM. Here i use a rare helmet.. For now!

Shadows and Dust. Great pair of gloves, with so many things going right for it. The low stat requirements on it also makes us able to use this for the rougher links that requires a great deal of red and blue sockets. Using these myself.
Maligaro's Virtuosity:
Again. an awesome pair of gloves. Use if you want unique gloves and Shadows and Dust just costs too much as these generally is just worse than what Shadows and Dust provides.

If you find yourself with a pair of Atziri's Step and no other good boots, they can be used. Not THAT valuable with the spell dodge though reason being we can avoid spells simply by positioning ourselves right. Better used as a caster that wants to use it to avoid reflect.
Blood Dance is a good pair of boots too. Makes using blood rage optional with them as a pair of blood dance easily can sustain the amount of frenzy charges we have when clearing non-boss mobs. I run rare boots though.

Rings and Amulet
I for one really, really recommend that we use these for damage purposes, ESPECIALLY our amulet. Offensive stats is easy to come by here, and it makes so much more sense to use rare pieces here as a result of that. If you come up with a really off beat idea about some unique piece that you really want to include i won't stop you, but i will just encourage you to go look up the market one more time for one of those good rares. You wouldn't believe what people throw onto poe.trade for CHEAP.

Piscator's is great as this in combination with our great flat elemental damage on gear and auras make for a weapon that can rival most endgame rare wands. Would recommend to everyone starting this build out on less than a 10 exalt budget.

Couldn't really think of a good unique shield for this build, unless it's purely circumstancial (Saffell's Frame against Atziri etc.). Use a rare shield here as they can give us all the resists we need!

Please feel free to throw ideas in the comments!

My current gear

Piscator's - This wand is just plain awesome for the build!!! No other real comments for this. Can be changed for a rare wand, but everything on this weapon is awesome. You need an insane rare wand to compensate for this.

Helmet. Really good for me, as this adds int, resists and Evasion. Optimally i'd hit the extra barrage enchant.

Belly <3 really good atm for me. Just now trying to get my 6-link , loads of fusings in but no hits for now.

Essence worm is straight up insane for the build. +2 to wrath, my wrath with both heralds + clarity only costs 22-23%ish ( Considering that both heralds costs 35 now instead of 25, clarity costs a bit more than before. ).

Shadows and Dust is really, really good - love the Rampage. Edict of Fury is also a GREAT enchant for the build. Find this if you can!

This belt is ... Meh... But Ele dam is nice. the 2 resists is needed for my setup, but this could possibly be upgraded ALOT for 8-10ish chaos.

These boots are good. Could easily be better, but the costs would comparably be alot higher. Got this for 6 chaos.

Run a evasion shield. It's worth it!

Focus on amulet is for me: flat ele dmaage + crit mult. Need the int for my build which supports my statement in the cons section that this is indeed intelligence hungry. Could be split even all all gear pieces if you want tho! I chose to commit to 1.5ish items to get the intelligence i needed.

Rare ring, good elemental damage, flat. Resists could be WAAAAY better.
Try to copy these flasks - i included the Fire flask for those who wants to run atziri. Stibnite is surprisingly powerful on this build as ranged damage usually isn't the problem. If it is though, then run into the face of the mob, pop the flask and proceed to get missed on / dodge attacks. If used properly i feel very confident when running into melee if need be!

Mapping and you: What to avoid

We REALLY want to dodge some of the following mods as these impact the build in a very negative way. For almost any of these you can change up your build to be more consistent against the mod. Some are mentionworthy as these require us to play differently or gear differently for the purpose of negating the effects, but other than that is no more troublesome than other mods.

- Elemental reflect. No matter how much evasion and dodge we have this is dangerous. For now i'd never want to run it myself, but running proper flasks etc, etc, it can be possible i guess.

- Avoid Status Ailments is another one that can be increasingly annoying bordering to dangerous if you hit this on red maps where it's straight up immunity to status ailments. Reason for this is that shock and freeze especially makes us deal more damage and, by extension of how freeze works, more tanky. If we really want to run it, it needn't be the biggest problem in the world. Just run Elemental Focus for the more damage multiplier. Not that dangerous, but be aware that this turns off our Herald of Ice!

- Blood Magic. Unless you count on that you never can be hit (Don't though...) this is just a straight up NO GO.

- Cannot be leeched. Again this is DOABLE if you can find the exact mana flask that don't give you too much mana while not giving too little. Same goes with using life flasks for sustain so this is bothersome if you come prepared and downright dangerous and not doable if you come unprepared.

- Curses: Enfeeble can be annoying - still very runnable, same with Elemental Weakness if we don't have great resists. Of the two, Enfeeble is way more bothersome than Elemental Weakness, because a single flask slot can technically remove it (See: Bismuth Flask). This is assuming that you just barely hit your ele resists. Vulnerability is a no-brain dangerous map mod because our Blood Rage deals more damage to us, we take more phys... you get the idea, still runnable tho, play safe! Last up is temp chains.. Meh, just makes us run slower. Took a double boss Chateu with temp + some + ele damage on if memory serves right, and they were no issue.

- Elemental Equilibrium will be cutting our damage with what amounts to 33% less damage for the mobs with 30% resists. This is alot of damage loss, but is of course doable, IF your damage with this on is high enough for us to leech as much as we need for sustaining our mana pool.

- No regen makes running Blood Rage a bit more painful if we're not having sufficient mobs to leech on. Just bothersome, not destroying us in any way.
The list seems somewhat long, but i really want to stress that 4 of the 7 mods is exclusively problematic in the highest tier of maps. Of the 3 we can encounter in every tier it is just ele reflect that seems particularly bad.

WILL BE DOING SOME UPDATING (Making it look more neat etc. etc.) Just wanted it out first! I'm level 83 and be putting up plenty of mid- endgame maps as soon as i get time. The videos i did was just what i recorded whilst leveling.
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I will try your build today! Is there any leveling tips? Should I get Barrage at level 12 and start using it right away?

I'll whisper you more questions ingame when you come online. :)
IGN: Aristona
Hey! Nice that you like it! - I actually recommend you starting a little with bows, untill you have static electricity, a volley fire or two set up it's not that good for clearing. When you get them tho... It begins to get AWESOME. Elreon rings are good for mana management. As for which bows to use - if you rush static electricity first and you have a storm cloud you can use that all the way up into cruel with no issues what so ever. Comparably, Death's Harp is actually not THAT much of an upgrade. When you feel like you want to go into wands then Twyzel is ok, but it really begins to go great when you get a rare wand with flat ele damage, which you can use all the way up untill you get your Piscator's. You might think that it's wierd, but Slower Projectiles is - when compared to added cold at the same level - better. It's not that much of a difference though, so run with whatever you feel is better in the start.

If i were to level again, this would be the priority that i'd follow:

1) Rush for static electricity slot! (Equip Storm Cloud)
2) Go for Acrobatics early
3) Make the choice: Want to go wands and do you want to stop using a bow?? Go for one of the Volley Fire jewels + their dex nodes (You'll begin to get a ton of int requirement this way, use +30 int nodes - won't be that uch of a detour). Want to still use bow, but want more bang for your buck??? Go 4 nodes into the Weapon Elemental Damage near Arrow Dancing (old Oondar's Guile) - Begin doing the main pathing. Makes the last part of cruel awesome as you get so many choices for each node you'll use there. Feel like you have plenty of damage ?? Pathing + life nodes and prepare for your Jewels.
4) We're late into leveling now - end of cruel etc, etc. GET ALL THE INTELLIGENCE YOU NEED!!! Blood Rage feed onto your life, so get the Life Regen and life by duelist!!! By now the build will really shape up.
5) Fill up as you see fit
6) ??? Profit!

Sorry for the lengthy answer, will throw it into the main build soon with a little leveling guide.

Feel free to throw questions at me when i come online! I'll be online in 2 hours.

Good Luck!

Edit: Couple of corrections - got blinded by the sun when writing this up :P
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Is there a hardcore viable version of this build, or would you say its good as is ?

Id love to try this build out, but i only play on hc.
nice build!!

lvl 68, having a BLAST!

im still squishy, since i havent taken many defensive nodes, but im blowing up maps at a great pace!

why did i choose this build? it was cheap, and it looked effective.

you wont have god-tier speed, but its still quite fast. the only problem that i've had is on bosses. single target could be better. im considering swapping faster attacks for fork, and slower projectiles for pierce and using frost wall on bosses.

any suggestions?
Good guide. As I was bored of building with bows but enjoyed ranged skills I wanted to try a wander and thought your guide was worth using. The levelling guide was very useful as I was gonna try to level with wands lol.

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