[2.2.1][HC] Block Necromancer / Dual Curse / Freeze Pulser


This is my first build showcase, also it's the first time I go that far in the game (currently 87 in PHC, running ~T9 Maps) so i'm looking forward to improve myself and the build, any comment is very welcome.

The build :
This is a tank build, you will not deal billions of damage, since it's not made for it.
The whole build works around Bone Offering (http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Bone_Offering) which because of the Necromancer ascendency gives us 35/35% block/spell block.
The main (and only) skill used to deal damage is freezing pulse, this is not because it's OP or whatever, I just like this skill so I made the build around it. I am very sure it can work pretty well with other cold skills or even lightning skills, since lightning damage nodes are almost at the same place as cold damage nodes on the tree.

Pros :

- Tanky
- Whirling blades
- AOE Clear
- Can work well without mirror worthy gear (10c at most for a good maping setup)

Cons :

- DPS is not as high as "meta builds"
- Can still get one shot in higher maps if you don't block.
- DoT is crazy OP against you since it cannot be blocked.
- You have to constantly refresh your buffs (every 15s) are you are a dead witch.
- Lacking dex for gems / coil.

Leveling :
I leveled using freezing pulse on a 4 links, and I purchased a 5L level 50 that I'm still using right now.
I used this gem setup till maps :

Which made me deal ridiculous amounts of damage due to the multiplicative mods (also that requires a lot of mana so clarity plus at least one mana flask is more than welcome).

Passive skill tree :

Screenshots :

Defenses :

Damage (5L without Elem Overload proc nor Vaal Haste):

Damage (5L with Elem Overload proc and Vaal Haste):
*inc (when my internet gets better)*
That's around 40k DPS if I remember correctly.

Gear :

The cool thing with this build is that there isn't any exalt worthy mandatory unique (or rare) to make it work.

So as a starting map gear I'd advise something like this :

+ a Stone of Lazhwar (which should be found corrupted for less than 1c in most leagues)
Considering you only have two unique without resistance you can be capped quite easily without spending that much money (I sold my old gear pieces except the shield, this set is more than enough since it's made too be capped in an Ele weakness 79- map).

My current gear is the same as above except for the shield and amulet which i switched for a rare :

I'm looking forward to overcap my lightning res in order to switch to a Lightning Coil as soon as I have enough money to afford it.

Flasks :

3 Instant health because I have no balls (I think 1 Shock / 2 Bleed would be more reasonable but I couldn't craft bleed / instant health for now so I'm using this setup).
1 Basalt (Antifreeze for unid strongboxes)
1 Mana Flask because I can't drop it. Not sure how bad it is but I'd like to get rid of this one.

Gems :

Freezing pulse setup :
6L : Freezing Pulse > Spell Echo > LMP / GMP > Controlled Destruction > Cold Pen > Faster Casting
5L : Freezing Pulse > Spell Echo > LMP / GMP > Controlled Destruction > Cold Pen (I'm not sure if FC is better)
4L : Freezing Pulse > Spell Echo > LMP / GMP > Controlled Destruction
3L : Freezing Pulse > Spell Echo > LMP / GMP

CWDT Setup :
4L : CWDT > Immortal Call > Arctic Breath > GMP
3L : CWDT > Immortal Call > Arctic Breath
2L : CWDT > Immortal Call

Tempest Shield Setup :
4L : Tempest Shield > Curse on Hit > Enfeeble > Frost Bite / Chain (if you don't go for dual curse)
3L : Tempest Shield > Curse on Hit > Enfeeble

Aura Setup :
3S : Arctic Armour / Clarity > Purity of Lightning (After switching to Lightning coil)

Bone offering Setup
3L/4S : Bone Offering > Increased Duration > Vaal Haste | Desecrate

Whirling Blades Setup :
3L : Whriling Blades > Faster Attacks > Fortify
2L : Whriling Blades > Faster Attacks

Gameplay :

Open map / Desecrate x3 / Bone Offering / Tempest Shield / Blow up things.
Don't forget to refresh your bon offering every 15s or so (depending on how much increased duration you have) (DO NOT DROP THIS BUFF I'M NOT JOKING YOU WILL GET KILLED IN T12+ IF YOU DON'T PAY ATTENTION)
Also keep an eye on your Tempest Shield buff, it might drop sometimes (that's less problematic but no curse can be rippy too)

I think I talked about almost everything, I might make a quike gameplay video in the next few days (my internet is really bad so it would take ages to upload 360p+)
As I said earlier I really want to improve myself and the build itself so if you have any suggestion / idea feel free to post it !

I hope I'll make people enjoy and play this build, I've never had that much fun playing this game (also thanks to Perandus League).

Global thanks :

- PoEDan79 who made me discover how OP block is with his Atziri Runs videos back in the Darkshrine days (RIP BlockCinerate)
- GGG for making such an awesome game.
- You who read this thread !

Last bumped on Jun 29, 2016, 8:31:57 AM
One question- what ascendancy would you use after finishing merciless lab?
Love the build dude. Nice work!

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