[2.2] 2H Spectral Throw Build

Anyone else trying to create a 2H weapon spectral throw build based on Physical damage, attack speed, and life leech? I am working on it in the new league and it is working quite well. I still have to test on end game (maps, atziri, etc) but so far I am really liking it.

There is still a lot to be worked out and if anyone else is working on it I would like to collaborate. If this build ends up being as viable as it looks right now, then I'll writeup a guide.

As for now I am just looking for others to test and strategize this build. Here are the main factors of the build:

- Attack Speed
- Life Leech
- Physical Damage (but also uses Hatred, Added Fire Damage and Herald of Ash - providing significant elemental damage)
- Armor as your primary defense (this works much better with life leech builds than Evasion/Dodge)

Why am I trying to make this work (esp with Scion)?

- 2.2 buffed Spectral Throw damage
- Ascendant provides access to both Deadeye and Berserker (or Slayer, not sure which one is better yet)
- 2 Handed weapons deal significant base damage, but are slow, so the primary focus is attack speed
- The scion provides access to both Projectile nodes and Two Handed damage nodes
- Iron Reflexes will support the Armor defense - which will synergize better with life leech
- No vaal pact: we already get significant %increased life leech rate by just getting the leech nodes, and so far it works well and allows us to use blood rage for extra DPS
- And finally Spectral throw is just a fun and unique skill that needs to be used more! Who doesnt like boomerangs?
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Last bumped on Mar 17, 2016, 9:14:55 PM
I'm working on one now but finding that I'll probably end up looking more like an Ele Crit ST than straight phys. There just isn't enough straight phys stuff to add in, gotta do elemental.

I went with raider elementalist but might pull the raider and go assassin, onslaught + 7 frenzy charges is nice and fast clearing.




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I saw what looked like an awesome scion ST build the other day, but can't find it anymore.

Was using swords, and I can't seem to recreate it. I swear it was first page within the past week and a half.

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