Help with dual wield Scion build

I am awfully new, and want to build a dual wielding Scion, Ascendancy baby Raider and either baby Slayer or baby Juggernaut.

I wish to do so by found items only.

Skill tree

Rapiers and/or hooks, depending on what I find. Prismatic Eclipse, Rigwald's Command or Chitus' Needle would be peachy

Cherubim's or Daresso's would be perfect, but I will focus on any armour+evasion armour

the Bringer of Rain, Devoto's Devotion would be very nice, but any armour+evasion armour

Lioneye's Paws but again any armour+evasion (though the option for chaos resist is nice)

Hrimsorrow would be perfect, but any evasion+armour

Death rush, Ming's heart seems like a perfect addition, reducing chaos damage seems most important

Headhunter seems logical, but otherwise I have no idea

The Anvil or Stone of Lazwhar seem logical choices

As skills I was thinking about Frenzy, Blood Rage, Leap Slam, Herald of Ice, Spectral Throw and Riposte, but was hoping someone could help me with that

Oh, and jewels, of course:
Survival Instict, Warlord's Reach, and any dissipating and/or parrying jewel.
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Hey Sygenilde,

I've been running a similar Str+Dex Scion, currently on Cruel and still going through mobs with no effort.
I'm currently running all rare items (no uniques found sadly) with two master crafted physical% rapiers, enduring cry for regen, Armour-evasion gear, cyclone with fire damage, physical damage and attack speed supports, cleave with culling strike, item rarity, multistrike and attack speed supports. Running good on dps so with 3200dps with cyclone that also helps 54hp on hit (attack speed is my regen basically).
In the tree, I went for the full life% circle to the left, the lower one hand-circles, evasion+armour%, jewels, dual wield crit and damage toward assassin-shadow trees.
Ps: I'm a massive noob at this game and leveled my ascended scion (toward Shadow) to 58 right after my templar to 42. Maybe it's inspiration, but I I'm hoping to learn mo
Edit: I have the same jewels, added with block chance% when dual wielding as well as physical damage% with dual wields and strength increase.
Hi, just letting know the link doesn't work, could put another link up

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