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[2.2] Inquisitor+Elementalist firestorm build

This is the build
. Highlights of this build is: 173% increased life, 60% inc AoE damage, 40% inc AoE, 102% inc fire damage, 190% inc fire damage, a total of 10% fire resistance (5 from tree, 5 from ascendency class). With fire golem and the elementalist passive, that's another 50+% increase in damage.

Links would be: Firestorm, inc AoE, faster casting, controlled destruction, fire pen. I can swap out inc aoe to conc effect on single target bosses when mapping. Pledge of hands would be a build enabling unique with the spell echo.

What do you guys think?
Last bumped on Mar 18, 2016, 4:15:14 AM
old talent three, can't see the passives

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