[2.2] [HC] Inquisitor Self Cast Stormcall Critique

Hi folks. Surprisingly I havent been able to find a good guide or writeup for the build concept I want to do even though it's fairly straightforward. I want to use the following things:

1) Inquisitor crits ignore resistances (Inevitable Judgement)
2) Storm Call
3) Orb of Storms

I also want to not die in hardcore and be able to do as many map mods as possible without rerolling.

So, I'm going to need at least ~200% life as a bare minimum by lvl 80 and some solid layers of defense vs what's coming my way in Ascendancy.

Seeing as I'm already scaling AOE blasphemy temp chains seems to be a fairly good option, it will also extend the duration of shock/freeze.

Herald of Ice is a defense mechanism of sorts as well in a crit build because you'll be shattering enemies.

Arctic Armor. Self explanatory.

This is a self cast build so we also need leech and later on when more multi and higher damage thresholds are reached, Vaal Pact is within reach and if taken gives us access to another 2 pt jewel socket.

Fortify whirling blades is of course very solid and if I take Instruments of Virtue it negates the 10% whirling blade nerf and gives 20%!!!! cast speed for 4 seconds.

Orb of Storms is used to apply Blind and give constant (albeit probably small) leech even if you are kiting or incapacitated in some way.

Liberal use of Enduring Cry to keep endurance charges up and of course the good ol' Decoy Totem.

CWDT - Inc Duration - Immortal Call for protection vs traps in the lab and porcupines that don't get shattered and all other nasty phys things.

I take a bit of hybrid nodes already but a lot more ES is easily within reach and EB/MOM/ZO is a possibility as well but not with Vaal Pact obviously. I am unsure as to which route is the best in terms of overall survivability. My guess is that EB/MOM/ZO is better for non reflect content and Vaal Pact is superior defense vs reflect but that needs further testing and wouldn't be a decision that I'd have to make for the first day or two of release.

Here are my prospective links and my action bar setup and my 95 pt tree


gloves - orb of storms - innervate/blind - life leech - PCOC
chest - storm call - less duration - spell echo - crit strikes - life leech - crit damage
helm - blasphemy - temp chains - herald of ice - arctic armor
boots - increased duration - vaal haste - cwdt - immortal call

wep1 - whirl blades - faster attacks - fortify
wep2 - lightning warp - less duration - faster casting

shield1 - enduring cry - chaos golem - decoy totem
shield2 - devouring totem - faster casting - detonate dead

storm call

enduring cry
vaal haste
orb of storms
decoy totem

there are a lot of little ways to tweak it. would love to hear your thoughts.
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Tree looks good, about what I had put together for SC but with more life of course. I would suggest getting a call of the brotherhood if you can for extra chill/freeze. Then you could also pick up storm weaver at later levels for some double dip damage action. Also I would grab the crit chance node you missed under Annihilation and probably occultists dominion for damage later on, that notable is strong.
yeah definitely going with call of the brotherhood once I get one
Why go for Herald of Ice and blasphemy+temp chains when you can do Herald of Thunder+CoH+temp chains for only 25 reserved mana instead of 60% ? Do you think this build won't be able to proc HoT enough to curse most of the time ?

HoI also needs you to shatter enemies which won't happen until you get a call of the bortherhood.

What do you think about going MoM without ZO and EB and use an hybrid chest ? Your three has 80% inc ES which isn't bad at all to have on top of life, and there's several mana/manaregen nodes just by your current path
the reason for herald of ice is for shattering enemies until I get a call of the brotherhood. should still work but if not I'll drop it.

Curse on Hit Herald of Thunder is good for most of the time, but for a defensive layer I want it to be more consistent. If its on curse on hit then as soon as I hit challenging content that I'm not shocking it doesn't work - and it needs to work on bosses and stuff particularly.

one of my original ideas for the build was no auras/reservations, MOM and clear mind with soul mantle and 3 storm call totems. I am open to MOM with or without ZO/EB it kind of depends on how things pan out.

Also, it could be with all the 0 resist crit multi amplified damage I'll need to go vaal pact. not sure.
Would you mind sharing an updated tree? I'm looking to make a self cast storm call, crit staff inquisitor on SC new league. It's my first build and yours is the only one I could find to compare my tree with but I can't click the link :p
http://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAAAwUAwfOio2HiJpVVS_GKfIMEB4w2UlOXlUyzEZZ85RhqWAd4L6cIDkiuswVCQZbbXlAw7-vQHyBu1CNYrl6lE3HC7O1hvFYClvGvkm6ce_AfogAEs3xLlnQbyDY944SLjCT951T_3mNDDdFsjJ2qYqwRLY9GidNwUioLXfI9X-98PAXtPzfUwJoJqtn8SVHw1ZUuBx7AVAj0vOrwVfndHNyPGpuhOlhVxoPbmuBFnVNSMHzyHev1ZJ1Nko19I_aVIC0faxdo8o2_LJwy0VFHBbW0xevuRUeP-n_GakPAZtD1z93SfAAAAAA= also this is my tree so far, if anyone could take a look and give me some guidance it would be much appreciated!
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