[2.2.0] Scion - RF + CoC + Binos - "The Burning CoC"

So for ascendancy I'm planning on using this here build, oviously standard since it's a little bit expensive, and cause I can afford to die. :) Give me any feed back you can.

I will be grabbing the Shadow's "Assasin" Ascendancy and The Path Of the Shadow.

Gear thus Far


*Wanna Use Daresso's for endurance charge generation.


Normal: Life
Cruel: Point
Merciless: Power Charge

Gem links

Cast On Critical Strike
4-link: Cyclone + CoC + BladeFall + Shock Nova*
5-Link: Poison** or Conc. Effect
6-Link: Increased AoE

*I can use any other spell there really.
**Poison To prolif. Binos' Posion and Regen.

Righteous Fire
4-link: RF + Inc. Burning Damage + Conc. effect + AoE

4-link: CWDT + Immortal Call + Increased Duration + Eduring Cry* or Molten Shell
*If I end up using Daresso's, I will not use Enduring Cry.

*For this part, I wanna switch over to Iron Reflexes much later, like level 85 or around there, and run an Alpha's Howl If needed.

4-link: Blasphemy* + Vulnerability + Purity Of Fire + Grace*
*Will run grace If I have made the switch to Iron Reflexes and the self cast Vulnerability, dropping blasphemy.

3-link: Whirling Blades + Faster Attacks + Fortify -or- Lightning Warp + Reduced Duration + Rapid Decay

Miscellaneous or Charge Generation.
3-link: Frenzy + PCoC + Faster Attacks*
*Or whatever

The Tree!


*Gonna lose some crit due to changes to the shadow side of tree due to the recent patch notes. But you get the idea.

Tell me what you think fam.
Last bumped on Mar 19, 2016, 7:10:54 PM
skill tree no work =(
Conc. Effect in your cyclone links is a bad idea for CoC. You're reducing your already small aoe on Cyclone.
Bigger AoE = more simultaneous hits in packs = more CoC procs.
Controlled destruction would give you a more multiplier on the spells, and does not affect cyclone at all.

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