[2.1] KalliVici: CI shocking+poison blade vortex

I'm posting the basics of my 2.1 Talisman build because of an in game request.

The following is a fairly effective build, which becomes completely functional with only limited wealth required. It's however not even remotely as broken op as for example vessel of vinktar + the retch or a low life blade vortex build. Damage with bladefall would have been far greater as well, but I just like playing non fotm "hipster" builds.

I'm keeping the following short, if you have any questions about some of the choices I made, post below or contact me in game.

Click here for the tree.

My gear:
Because of how broken low life bladefall was this league, the jewels that would have been good for this build were very expensive. If they had been cheaper, I'd have gone for several more jewels than the 4 I use now.

The idea behind my build:
My plan at start of league was to make a cheap tanky build that could/would jump into the thick of things and duke it out. Since CI tends to be cheaper and easier to go tanky than other options, I planned for CI. Since blade vortex just came out and it was ideal for this build, I also went for blade vortex. Because I always want damage on my builds, I planned for critical strike chance. To further increase damage I was going to use shock + poison.

Since physical to lightning gem would lower my physical and thus my poison damage with 50%, I decided to use added fire + the three dragons instead. With this my build shocks and gets the full damage from poison.

I use blasphemy warlord's mark to leech life + mana, making lifeleech optional in my gem setup and making the build less annoying to play because flask management is more lenient.

My main attack skill is blade vortex, to be less hurt when going through a reflect mob, my cwdt bladefall (with leech) does mostly lightning damage.

Dealing with some special map mods:
For physical reflect maps I swap increased duration with lifeleech and spell echo with physical to lightning damage gem. In ele reflect maps I don't swap anything. In curse resistance maps I take out warlord's mark and run herald of ash instead. In curse resistance maps with reflect I also swap increased duration with lifeleech.

Even without warlord's mark, lifeleech on blade vortex is usually not needed, since I leech with cwdt bladefall and I have a significantly faster start of energy shield recharge than normal.

My leveling experience:
I leveled with blade vortex mostly. Some bosses I cheesed my way past by abusing the opness of bladefall, instead of spending time to upgrade gear (the blessings of standard).

At level 59 I bought a white 5l necromancer chest and did a basic alt+regal + master craft. I did the same thing again when I was 68 with a vaal regalia (that creates a chest with roughly 600es). Later on I bought a white high ilevel vaal regalia and slotted+fused it white, then chaos crafted it, creating my current chest piece.

Most of my time is spend into the thick of things, facetanking stuff, regularly whirling through mobs to refresh fortify. Occasionally I have to run to recharge my es. Running away with whirling blades is fast. Recharging es with faster start of energy shield modifiers is pretty convenient as well.

For some bosses I will swap out increased area of effect gem for controlled destruction. In some fights my cwdt flame dash is also suicidal (atziri split phase), so I remove it as well from time to time.

My build greatly benefits from wither and vulnerability, which are both missing from my gem setups. This is because in Talisman I had the luxury of grouping in high level maps with a guildie who provided both.
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