[2.2 Theorycraft] Sweep Necro

Basically with the ability to use Bone Offering I was contemplating doing a staff summoner hybrid for the increased block and heal on block. Looking for input and help on the build (I am by no means an expert and would really appreciate input on viability and help min/maxing survivability and dps.

Theory around it would basically be high block chance with bone offering to get extra healing, zombies with splash and fort and Evangelist Spectres for bubbles while utilizing the unique gauntlets Empire's Grasp for reverse KB with zombies and spectres to kinda vortex smash things with AoE.

I'd be passively generating endr and pwr charges and probably going to use blood fury or curse to generate frenzy charges.




Helm would be a +2 minion helm with Raise Zombies - Melee Splash - Fortify - Minion Damage

Chest would be a 5L with Raise Specter - Spell-Echo - Increased Area of Effect - Minion Damage Added Fire (5-link) and Increased Duration

Staff would be preferably hedgemony 5/6L with Sweep - Fortify - Added Melee - Multistrike - Faster Attacks (Maybe leech for added survival idk)

Gauntlets would have bone offering but unsure on how I am going to gem it, might do an increased duration link with it and add vaal haste, grace or molten shell and blood rage.

Boots would have probably Blasphemy with 2 curses and probably Purity. (Would appreciate input on these 2 slots)

Rings, Amulet and belt would be used to boost defenses and dps while added some leech probably.

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