[2.1] THC 2x Inspired Learning | 2x Static Electricity --Spectral Throw--

The goal is to use 4x unique jewels and have a viable build. The only damage on the tree is projectile, so any skill that scales off of that and utilizes weapon crit/attack speed will work. I used ST because it seemed to have the most synchronicity. I'm posting this because the build turned out better (more fun) than expected. The rest of this guide assumes ST as the skill, but modify to your whimsy.

The Jewels

Inspired Learning Jewel: Each jewel will steal 1 (random) mod from a rare when you kill it. They stack. Sometimes the jewel is bugged (shocking, I know) such as not taking mods from Volatile xblood monsters. There is no indicator of which mod was stolen, so unless it's an obvious aura around your feet or happens to be something that shows up in the statuses on the top, there is no indicator as to which specific mod was taken ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Stealing quickness/berserker mods is great, allies can't die is pretty funny, and the cloud one that warps you around will make you leave the map. Nemesis mods are good times!
currently 5-10c

Static Electricity Jewel: Gives you flat attack dmg per dex in range. You can see placement of these jewels below in the tree section.
currently 8-10c

Gear (current)

You'll go as far as your foil will take you. The one above was 10c. You want something with over 1.8 aps and 7 crit, ideally. Here's some online with a buyout:

You want flat lightning dmg most importantly. Flat cold is also good, just make sure you got enough eDPS (appx over 200). Crit multi is also important (and the implicit on most of the weapons you'll be looking at).

The 2nd most important piece of gear is the Call of Brotherhood ring. It amps up HoI/keeps our power charges up/clears mobs quickly/makes more of the satisfying shattering sounds. This build feels pretty meh without it.

As for the rest: Usual stuff. High EV shield, rares to cap resists and Maligaro's/Rat's Nest if you're able. Get some OP talisman for cheap; there's lots of em.

I'm using Daresso's for the endurance charges with CWDT/IC (and the price) but Belly and LC are obviously plenty awesome.

There is no Vessel of Vinktar presently on this character, but there would be if they weren't be hoarded and the league wasn't dead. Flat phys and lightning pen variants would work wonderfully. Atziri's Promise is cheap and you should get one.


ST (quality = AS) > GMP > WED > Added Lightning > Faster Attacks

You could swap GMP for LMP/slower proj for bosses, but I'm not swapping shit. If you don't have CoB, lightning pen becomes even more attractive.

Single Target
Vaal Lightning Strike > WED > Multistrike > (Inc Dur / LPen / Inc Crit % / ???)

This works very well, even in a 3 link. You can store up to 3 charges. Unload them all on a rare or boss that you are able to get close to and they will melt (especially if you crit). Be cognizant of your coloring plans.

CWDT > IC > ID > (enfeeble / golem / whatever)

I like IC. It's good. You can 3L this with 285 chromes in your sword or shield if you're feeling extravagant. Or run a different CWDT setup altogether.

HoI > CoH > Ass mark

5 power charges up once you pop a mob. Not difficult to maintain with CoB.

Quick aura digression:
Initially had HoT linked with above in a 4L with AA also running. The cursing from HoT felt redundant and it occasionally covered up the CWDT/enfeeble set up. AA is really good but redundant with the Daresso's IC at time. Then I put in Grace which was Grace. I ended up with the DPS option, Wrath, and I've been fine. Like a bow build, a chunk of your def is tied up in killing things as fast as possible and Wrath is a substantial DPS boost. I keep Grace slotted in case of difficult maps but haven't felt the need to use it much (yet). ymmv.

tldr: Wrath

Also, Blood Rage.

Whirling Blades > Fortify > Faster Attacks > Blood magic
Non-negotiable 4L

Tree at 80


Full charges w/Atziri's flask up:

Note to self: Accuracy on gear is important and shouldn't be ignored

Tree choices
* Opted for Master of the Arena regen and no Vaal Pact for Blood Rage (3.6%).
* Voids for leech. Somewhere in the 70s the initial mana pot GULP became unnecessary. You can leech life pretty well with this setup and Atziri's flask, but don't think you can facetank everything like a scrub.
* A lot of projectile speed. This makes your swords go very far. This can be frustrating if you lack DPS and/or aren't used to it. You can lose 10% proj speed near Fury Bolts if you fancy
* No Phase Acro. Just not enough points. This is a point intensive build (as we're being inefficient to grab nodes for Inspired Learning)
* After 80, you can spend 9 points in the Duelist area to get a THIRD jewel. Harrier is a point away. Depth Perception and True Strike crit clusters are pretty important. 6th frenzy charge in Duelist is a priority. If you have a nice rare jewel, of which there are many for this build, you can get the Duelist jewel socket for that. Life nodes keep you alive. There just aren't enough points for everything.

Same shit as everything else. FT in a red Night's Talisman until you want to kill yourself (~lvl 50) then anything you like until you level up to your sword. I used a foil I picked up off the ground with a lot of flat lightning but no crit. Whatever works. It gets better.

Help Oak
Kill all (need the point more than Kraityn's AS)
Help Alira (you're already getting 1 PC from the tree, let's make good use of them)


Some sloppy clears:

Easy Strand map w/Nemesis rares (featuring Shroud/Prox shield/Ancestral Power steals):

Way too overleveled to be in Dried Lake playstyle:

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