[2.1] Call for Bombs (ele Blast Rain CoC with Windripper)

Hello and welcome to the „Call for Bombs“ build guide.

Here I want to present you an elemental cast on crit character based on the new Skill Gem “Blast Rain” combined with different Lightning Skills. The difference between this and the common CoC builds is that you scale with AoE size / damage and not with projectiles amounts / damage. Furthermore you start as a shadow and work your way to all the elemental damage nodes next to the Templar area. There you also get high amount of bow crit chance (use of Lioneye's Fall jewel two times).

- Windripper / Carcass Jack / Call for the Brotherhood / Vessel of Vinktar
- Hybrid (Life&ES) / Ghostreaver / Dual Curse
- 7 Powercharges / 3 Frenzycharges

I know that with 2.1 physical & chaos damage is very strong and Bladefall is overpowerd. That’s why I came with this build idea, to show that elemental damage characters are still strong and powerfull.

About Blast Rain
The new skillgem Blast Rain open up the door for this. It is tagged with “Fire, Attack, AoE, Bow” and deals at lvl20 47,6 % of damage per explosion. Since you fire up 4 bombs/explosions you will do 190,4% damage to any target that is hit by all four explosions. Thanks to AoE stacking from passive tree and Carcass Jack, it will hit one target every time with all four explosions (190,4% damage). That’s also the reason why Blast Rain is very powerful combined with Cast on Crit. Without any support gems like lmp/gmp you will hit your target four times per shot and if you bomb into large groups you hit every enemy in the pack four times, resulting in a massive amount of spells casted on crit.

- The 50% converted physical damage to fire damage will be ignored complete, since we will not deal physical damage.
- Sarrilus wrote a nice comparison about all available Bowskill compared to Blast Rain (https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/3wtgq3/blast_rain_damage_comparisons/).


5l: Blast Rain + Cast on Crit + Storm Call + Ball Lightning + Arc
For doing high tier maps, I prefer to stick to only lightning damage because you are able to get some elemental leech from your Doryanis Belt (Lightning leech) and can use Call for the Brotherhood . I know that Arc does not scale with AoE, but it is still awesome! I also substituted Arc with controlled destruction (44% more spelldmg / 100% reduced crit chance) and noticed that it only reduces the crit chance of spells, not of attacks like Blast Rain. But anyway it felt stronger with Arc.

Vaal Rain of Arrows + increased AoE + increased Duration + Weapon elemental damage
I really like this vaal skills. It only requires 16 souls, so it is up almost every time. I don’t see many people using it, so here again what it does:
“Fires a large number of arrows into the air, to land at the target after a short delay. Enemies hit by the arrows are pinned in place, unable to move for a time.”
With all the AoE scaling you have a very nice possibility to avoid getting hit from any mean groups or bosses. It feels like a “all enemies freeze now” button. Love it so far!

Herald of Thunder + Curse on Hit + Assassin’s Mark + Elemental Weakness
The Heralds scale very nice with all the elemental damage and with AoE. I choose Assassin’s Mark for power charge generation and reaching the crit cap. The life and mana gained per kill is a nice add. Elemental Weakness (-40% of elemental resistance) is very important in maps against resistance mobs. Since you deal lightning and cold damage (call for the brotherhood), this is better than Conductivity

Herald of Ice + Ice Bite
Again nice scaling with elemental damage and AoE. The explosions are awesome for large packs and with Ice Bite you gain some frenzy charges!

CWDT + Arctic Breath + GMP + added cold damage

Discipline / Ice Golem / Blink Arrow

Passive tree

normal: +life
cruel: skillpoint
merciless: powercharge

lvl 77 Bazar Map Bosskill https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHqRq6irf9g
more videos will come soon!

Thanks for reading & please comment with your thoughts. If there is someone interssted in more details, I will expand the guide.

Greetz Norec

I think you posted wrong tree :)

I think you posted wrong tree :)


why do you think that? I posted the right tree :)
You need explain about Lioneye's unique jewel.
Guides made by me:
Unnamed's CoC CI Discharge Trickster, Tankster BV MoM Poison, Saboquisitor MoM Pure Cold damage with Hrimburn, Trickster Critical Flameblast
maybe its not the right tree. Why is there crit chance for melee?(disemboweling and blunt trauma)

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