[2.2] Blade Vortex FLASK MASTER. 88% All Res, 75/75 Block, 500-800k DPS, INSTANT LEECH

I've been working on my Blade Vortex build for awhile now, trying to optimize things and get things to how i really like/want it.

Im trying my best to plan ahead for Ascendancy patch and passives trees, to which i thought Assassin would be the best use since my BV build is based on crit. To have a higher base crit and crit dmg based on power charges, and 100% MORE chance to crit on things with high HP, that seemed EXTREMELY amazing for my plan but it all has to do with the offensive.
Well now Pathfinder gets released, and funny enough it gives probably the same amount of offense boost while also being very defensive.

My build already operates around flasks. Flasks are powerful. They give an extreme boost of damage as well as an EXTREME boost in defense at the same time. To not utilize flasks in your build is for you to gimp yourself. Not all builds need them, but every build is stronger with them. Also builds that use them are not useless without them, they're just optimized with them.

Here is what im planning. It can be separated into two categories. Extreme DPS or extreme survivability. Not that each build is without the other, but one will be more focused than the other. Since i play on standard i'll be going for extreme DPS but i'll retain a bunch of survivability, i assure you.
For hardcore players there will be a passive tree and theorycraft for you but it will be untested in both numbers and playability.

Each build however is based around flasks and Pathfinder Ranger Ascendancy class, summed up by a fellow member quoted here:
Waves_blade wrote:
Took a few minutes to write these down for you guys.

Natures Boon: 5% reduced ele dmg taken. Flasks gain a charge every 3 seconds (2 points to get to)
Master Alchemist: 30% increased ele dmg, disel ele status ailemnts on flask uses, 50% chance to avoid ele status ailments when using a flask. (requires 4 points and natures boon node)
Master Fletcher: gain 10% of physical dmg as random element. 10% ele pen. (costs 2 points)
Nature's Adrenaline: +15% movespeed while using a flask. 20% increased attack speed while using a flask. (2 points)
Master Surgeon: 30% increased life recovery from flasks. Remove bleeding on flask use. 20% chance for all flasks to gain a charge on crit. (4 pts, needs nature's adrenaline)
Master Herbalist: 30% increased poison dmg. 30% increased poison duration. +30% chaos resist when using a flask. Always poison on hit when using a flask. (2 pts)

EXTREME Damage Per Second

Much to my current build right now. Blade Vortex does an absolute crap ton of damage. My planned passive tree for Ranger start in order to utilize Pathfinder Ascendancy nodes is the following:

Passive Tree
Passive Tree

Emphasis is on duration nodes. Its important to grab all of them because you'll actually be able to sustain 50 blades. Without all duration nodes you won't be able to. This is only noticed on bosses when you can spin up the max amount of blades in preparation to maximize DPS against the boss. However vs trash mobs it also aids in clear speed since you won't have to stop and spin up blades as often.

As you can see, the Ranger start is going to be used for the Ranger Ascendancy tree, but its other massive benefit is the Druidic Rite passive. 20% flask charges gained, and 20% flask duration. This applies to ALL flasks.

Grabbing up as much HP and jewels as you can without wasting too many passives. Ending up with %143 HP it isn't going to be rocking 5k HP, but you should be above 4,000 with double HP Coral Rings and Leather Belt. You can also sacrifice whatever DPS gear for added life slots. However its important to note you'll want double curse somewhere. I find the best slot for that is boots, meaning really the only REQUIRED unique is Windscream.

Passive Tree, keep in mind my Jewels. I need to use the unique jewel that turns intelligence to Dexterity in order to use max level Blade Vortex. You can also grab up dexterity on Rings and Gloves if need be.


This is my current gear on my current build on a Shadow. The Blade Vortex DPS really comes from weapons. You want Platinum Kris because of the 80% global crit implicit. I've crafted both of these daggers (and many others) all myself for real cheap. You can even roll MAGIC daggers with just 2x spell mods like 80% inc critical chance for spells and x-x cold/fire/lightning damage to spells and be absolutely fine damage wise. You want two of them though. This is where the majority of your critical increase is boosted from.
Spell damage is inherently better than x-x damage to spells, but i find it extremely difficult to roll. It is easiest to master craft this mod. The best mod to master craft, the ideal mod, is crit chance to spells since you can get upwards of 66%. Not a massive loss from a dagger with even 109%.

While this build is a critical build, it is not IMPERATIVE to have the highest amount of crit chance as possible. This is the beauty of Blade Vortex. You have so many blades out at once, and they all hit twice per second that even with 20% crit chance you'll be critting all the time.
This is why Facebreakers are preferred to Maligaro's. If you have legacy Mali's, by all means use them, they're probably better. Either way can easily be swapped for Rare gloves for more resistances/life/dexterity.

Again Windscream is somewhat required. In some way you want dual curse, i don't care how you get it, but you want it. Everything else has just been acquired by myself through years of playing in Standard. 6L is not required, and Carcass Jack is ideal but not required.

Best in slot rings are double HP coral rings. I don't get much HP anywhere else. With 143% hp via tree and this current gear i think i would sit around 4,300 HP. My current spec on my Shadow has +135% hp and has over 4,100 right now.

Note On Flasks

So this is in a separate category because it might get lengthy. Again this build is based around flasks. Increased Flask effect, charges, and duration is a priority. Hence the Ranger start, Pathfinder ascendancy, Poacher's Mark curse, and Witch Flask nodes.

Combining all of these aspects we end up with unique flasks that last for 32% longer, are 30% stronger, and charge 120% faster than anybody else. This is a duration of 5.5 seconds as opposed to 4.2 seconds. With the increased charges from Poacher's Mark+passive it essentially means as long as you're killing things, your flasks are ALWAYS up. And this isn't even considering Pathfinder's Master Surgeon which gives surgeon's mod (20% chance to gain a flask charge on critical hit).

Your flasks are always up. These flasks are chosen because of both their offensive and defensive capabilities. Except Rumi's, its purely defensive.

In order of important, i'd say Vessel of Vinktar is FOR SURE #1 priority. Taste of Hate otherwise, and if you want DPS than Atziri Flask, if you want defense than Rumi's. For your 5th flask you can use anything you want, including a DIAMOND flask which Pathfinder node will apply surgeon mod onto....incredible.

Vessel of Vinktar: This flask is straight up overpowered. The leech you get is INCREDIBLE. I can out leech Righteous Fire WITH EASE. Like...its not even close to lowering my HP as long as im hitting something. Like for instance...Atziri? Pop RF, pop #3 (vessel) and my DPS almost doubles while my survivability doesn't go anywhere. Once flask runs out, or is close to, i just pop a Dousing flask to turn the burn off.
(i currently don't run Rumi's, but will come ascendancy patch).


To give you an idea of the leech that is capable with this flask, i'll shoot you some numbers from my current build and spec (very close to this DPS Ranger plan).

The following numbers are including 5 power charges, 3 frenzy charges, flame golem, plus vessel of vinktar itself WITH +30% effect (39% leech and not 30%)

With Physical To Lightning:
Lightning Damage: 787-1173

This is an average damage hit of 980, giving us 382 instant leech per hit per blade. With just 15 blades up (my map average) this equates to an instant leech amount of 11,460 hp per second. With 50 blades up (against bosses pre-cast and sustained) its 38,200. With RF active the lightning damage boosts to a point where my instant leech is as high as 60,010.

Without Physical To Lightning:
Lightning Damage: 189-281

This is an average damage hit of 235, giving us 92 instant leech per hit per blade. With just 15 blades up this equates to an instant leech amount of 2,760 hp per second. With 50 blades up its 9,200. With RF active the lightning damage boosts to a point where my instant leech is as high as 14,400.

Taste of Hate: Another amazing flask. Boosts the DPS an immense amount because it isn't just 30% added its 39% because of our flask nodes. This also means the physical mitigation is 39%. So you essentially have a legacy Lightning Coil in flask form at any time you want at the tips of your fingers. Again, up 100% of the time as long as you're hitting the button and killing mobs.

Atziri's Promise: Super cheap, and super amazing. Especially coupled with Pathfinder which will allow any HIT to poison. This includes spells because spells do hit. They apply on hit effects, which will now include poison. This flask boosts your Chaos damage, and thus poison damage by a ridiculous amount. Also gives you 2% of your chaos damage as leech. Maybe not the most significant, but useful, especially when coupled with Vaal Pact (see EXTREME Defense section).

Rumi's Concoction: Now this is hilarious. Purely defensive option (most likely not necessary in the least). With my 40/15 legacy version, i end up getting 67% block and 19% spell block. amazing.
With my current version Rumi's 29/15 i still end up with 52% block and 19% spell block. 15% block chance was already there from dual wielding.
In addition to that, we end up gaining about 5,000 armour, giving me 33% physical reduction. This would be on top of the 20% reduction from 100% active Fortify.

Gem Setup

So lets jump into my gem setup. For my DPS build i run Hatred/HoA for damage via % from physical damage. This scales with Blade Vortex's physical spell damage and not the physical damage from your daggers, so even though the damage effectiveness of blade vortex is only 15%, the damage boost is extreme especially over a number of blades.

Vaal Haste and Clarity are linked with increased duration. I do not normally use, or need to use them, while clearing trash. I use these primarily to pre-cast before bosses. I will end up losing my charges, but i can sustain 50 blades for awhile when im standing still, and for about 5 seconds with movement. Vaal Haste lasts 15.78 seconds and Clarity lasts 25.51 seconds.

Curses are applied via another blade vortex. Since this BV doesn't have conc effect it will almost always hit before the other and thus apply the curses. Curses used are Assassin's mark for the additional crit chance, damage, and sustain via mana/hp on kill.
Poacher's mark is my second choice. This is important. This curse gives you +100% flask charges gained on kill which is how i can keep my flasks up 100% of the time without The Retch unique belt. Giving us frenzy charges is just gravy at this point.

Blade Vortex. Increased duration and spell echo are an absolute must. Concentrated effect is your biggest DPS booster, with Controlled destruction being your second. Last socket is whatever you want it to be. It can be damage from Added Fire, Phys to lightning (more leech), added lightning damage, added chaos damage, poison, inc crit dmg.
It can be utility like PCoC, innervate (always shock nearby enemies with vessel). Or survivability with Life leech.
I DO NOT recommend you socket Increased AoE. The reason is the radius will surpass that of your curse on hit, thus things will die before your curse is applied and you will not get power, frenzy or flask charges. Inc AOE is a no-no.

Flicker Strike is a very easy and awesome way to quickly jump to packs, and jump to packs from elevation changes (whirling blades can't do this). Its just a great and essentially free addition that benefits clear speed.

Whirling blades is used for movement through the map, obviously, with fortify so its up 100% of the time. Summon flame golem gives you more damage boost than ice, and i personally don't care to use chaos. Righteous Fire is there in case i want a massive boost in DPS vs a boss i want to take down instantly, like Atziri or something. Vessel leeches through the burn and once the boss is dead or the flask charges are used up i just pop a dousing flask to turn off RF.

Current DPS

I'll be calculating some DPS for this build based on my current build via Shadow, level 80. The damage should be VERY close and yet even more so with that level 90 passive tree proposed above and additional poison DPS.

First off is how you correctly calculate Blade Vortex DPS. There are many posts and threads saying how to do this, but the CORRECT way to do it is such.
Blade Vortex sheet information shows your average ONE hit per blade multiplied by your casts per second, giving you your listed DPS. So the easiest and fastest way to find your true DPS is to divide your sheet DPS by your casts per second. This gives you your average hit per blade. Each blade hits twice per second, so you take your average hit per blade and times it by 2, and times that by however many blades you can actually sustain. In my case i use 15 and 50. I run around with 15 blades but i actually can sustain 50.
So again, its BV sheet DPS / cps x 2 x amount of sustained blades (max 50).

My damage is calculated with 5 power charges, 3 frenzy charges, flame golem, flasks up, and my current jewels but WITHOUT curses factored in. Sheet dps does not factory in the benefits of Assassin's mark curse and i currently don't want to bother calculating that in as well.
Casts per second is set at 4.29.

Sheet DPS without RF: 31,469.38
Average Damage: 7,335.52
DPS @15 Blades: 220,065.6
DPS @50 Blades: 733,552

Sheet DPS with RF: 49,455.77
Average damage: 11,528.15
DPS @15 Blades: 345,844.5
DPS @50 Blades: 1,152,815

WITH ADDED CHAOS DAMAGE (most likely 6th link come Ascendancy patch)
Sheet DPS without RF: 29,528.46
Average Damage: 6,883.09
DPS @15 Blades: 206,492.7
DPS @50 Blades: 688,309
*Approximate Poison DPS: 290 damage per stack per tick. Upwards of 29,000 damage per second for the first second. Additional damage of 116,000 over 4 seconds (duration of first applied poison stacks).

Sheet DPS with RF: 46,413.51
Average damage: 10,819
DPS @15 Blades: 324,570
DPS @50 Blades: 1,081,900
8Approximate Poison DPS: 456 damage per stack per tick. Upwards of 45,600 damage per second for the first second. Additional damage of 182,400 over 4 seconds (duration of first applied poison stacks).

Current Defense

As calculated, with flask and charges my current defense sits at 4,116 HP, 621 ES, 100% fortify, 67 block, 19% spell block, 39% of physical damage taken as cold damage, and INSTANT life leech.

I do still die while playing, but its because im not used to this type of playstyle. I almost never used to use flasks so it takes awhile to get used to playing this way.

A note on Pathfinder.
So that is kind of a mix between my current setup and what i'll be planning for Ranger when Ascendancy comes into the mix. An important note however, tying in with the gems of blade vortex is this.
Obviously my leech is very high while Vessel is active, thus i will probably drop Physical to lightning support gem, and i'll most likely replace it with added chaos damage. This is because of Pathfinder's node of Master Herbalist which allows HITS to poison while flasks are active.
Added Chaos Damage will significantly boost your chaos damage while not reducing your physical, unlike Phys to lightning, and coupled with the Atziri flask this will make your poison damage quite significant without trying to scale it at all via poison support or passives. Its just added DPS that i will not pass up.
I will however calculate which is going to be more damage, either the poison from Master Herbalist or the additional damage and elemental penetration from Master Fletcher.


So obviously to get much higher defense, you need to sacrifice some DPS. Thats okay though because this build has SO much DPS you don't really lose anything by sacrificing a few nodes here and there.

Passive Tree
Passive Tree

What we end up sacrificing is the flat damage instead of the crit and crit damage. Reason being is its much easier to sacrifice. Since you want the Witch Flask nodes anyway, the crit is right there, the power charge/spell dmg per charge is right there. You can't really save as many passives by sacrificing that so...well...we don't.

ending up with 188% hp it should be very easy to reach 5,500 hp if not 6,000 depending on gear. Acrobatics is unneeded since you have many other defensive aspects in play which will be spoken of in other sections.


Since you're not heavily sided towards damage, your gear is VERY versatile. Again you want another curse by whatever means you can get it, but otherwise every slot is open. Feel free to place Lightning Coil as a chest piece, or just a GG rare with massive HP and evasion (or armour, or ES!). Whatever you can find and want.

Gloves can be anything with resistances and life, or again maligaro's or facebreakers. Since DPS isn't priority you're open to anything you want.

Boots can be whatever you want. If not Windscream than feel free to use Atziri Step for lots of life and spell dodge, including a huge evasion boost. Socket Rainbowstrike to capitalize on block from Rumi's if you want, or again just end game rares for resistances/HP/movement speed.

Rings are whatever you want. Amulet is whatever you want. Belt is whatever you want. Though i always suggest double HP coral rings and leather belts, thats just me.

Daggers are covered above. You can easily make due with magic Copper Kris if you want. Hell with this you don't even need to dual wield but feel free to pick up a shield. You could easily max block with a shield, lazhwar, and rumi's combined. 75/75 no issue. boom.

Gem Setup

On Blade Vortex i think your damage should be set in stone. BV, inc duration, spell echo, conc effect, controlled destruction. But your 6th link can be whatever you want. Life leech, whatever. Feel free.

Curses. Keep poacher's mark for the flask charges but assassin's mark is not a necessity. Its a great way to gain charges but feel free to use PCoC as a 6th link and run Warlord's Mark for leech/charges/stuns.

Auras are up in the air too. You do gain a great deal of damage from hatred and herald of ash, but feel free to use whatever you want. Your damage will be great no matter what since you can sustain 50 blades on bosses. Trash is almost never an issue.
Run Grace, Discipline, whatever you want.

Vaals. You could probably keep Vaal Clarity and Haste in order to pre-cast 50 blades only on bosses, but through maps you could most likely and quite easily socket Vaal Grace and keep it up 100% of the time.
You could almost keep all 3 up 100% of the time if using Chill of Corruption jewel as well. But feel free to add in another layer of defense from Vaal Grace. More power to you.

Replace Flame golem with chaos golem.


This is somewhat hard to calculate since i don't have the same passive tree or anything, but i'll do my best. Essentially im going to take my current setup above, remove my facebreakers, a 6th damage support, replace my 2nd dagger with rathpith globe, and not use my auras or charges. Oh i'll also remove my amulet, since its a DPS amulet.
This is what my damage will be calculated on. Also will not factor in RF at all, but will use all 3 flasks.

Sheet DPS: 7,659.94
CPS: 3.88
Average Damage: 1,974.21
DPS @15 Blades: 59,226.3
DPS @50 Blades: 197,421

As you can see, its still very significant and easily obtainable DPS. Your defensive tree will be quite a bit different than mine, but i imagine you will have at least SOME DPS gained from gear or auras too. I took it ALL OFF and essentially just used one weapon, my passive tree and flasks and i still have almost 200k max dps.

with both daggers my max dps goes up to 253k.
with one dagger but auras/flame golem, my max dps sits at 271k.

Essentially its better to give up the 2nd dagger for a very defensive shield than to give up the auras. You won't be able to gain as much defense from auras as you could a shield anyway, especially something like Rathpith Globe.


Well, this again will be difficult to calculate in theory but i'll do my best.
Since the DPS test above basically stripped all my damage gear away, you can use whatever gear you want to gain defenses. Use your best combination and slap it together.
Shouldn't be too hard to hit 6,000 hp with HP available on almost every gear slot and 188% from tree. With double HP coral rings, double HP leather belt, high HP gloves/helm/shield and chest, this should be obtainable.

On top of that you can have upwards of max block/spell block pretty easily, with Rumi's up and no shield nodes required. Approximately 30-35% phys reduction just from Rumi's alone, but also 39% from Taste of Hate (could also include lightning coil here), not to mention those flasks also raise your resistances to converted damage element.

Fortify is always up. Vaal Grace could always be up giving you another layer of defense. You could incorporate life leech and endurance charges via Warlord's Mark pretty easily as well. The tree i showed has vaal pact in order to consider this, and for Atziri flask instant leech from chaos damage.

What else...oh right. The instant life leech from your lightning damage because of vessel of vinktar. Yeah, this build is tanky enough to be in hardcore FOR SURE. Let me list is out.

Physical Reduction: 45% (endurance charges and rumi's)
Evasion: 55+% (just from one Jade flask of reflexes)
Block: upwards of 62% (with non legacy rumi's active and rathpith globe. no passives spec'd)
Spell Block: upwards of 52% (with non legacy rumi's and rathpith globe)
Dodge: 34% (vaal grace 100% uptime)
Spell dodge: upwards of 50% (vaal grace 100% uptime and atziri step)
Vaal Pact with 2% life leech and 2% chaos damage leech (warlord's mark and atziri flask)
vessel of vinktar 39% lightning damage instant leech (with the lowered DPS, average leech of approx 2,070 hp per second @15 blades. 6,900 @50 blades).

So. I don't know a lot about hardcore builds by any means. I've almost never played hardcore. But this build and idea may actually get me to do it. The only problem would be obtaining the flasks since everything else is worked around it.

I'd appreciate if somebody that does play hardcore dissected my theorcrafting for this builds hardcore viability.

I hope we can all enjoy just how amazing Ranger has been and is becoming. I love this class. Thank you.

My Proposed 2.2 Build

My proposed build will be a mixture between the two, DPS and defense builds, above. I want to maintain at least over 500k single target DPS while also being essentially unkillable.

This is what my tree will be:
Passive Tree

This is for level 90. Bandit rewards will be Point/Physical DMG/Power Charge
the life is not needed since we'll be running with low life. the resistances are not needed because its extremely easy to cap them via flasks and gear here and there. the Physical damage IMO is ideal because of using so many bonuses to DPS which are directly proportional to your physical damage, like double mings, hatred and herald of ash.


Again gear is very versatile with this build. You can essentially do whatever you want. 5L i would say is mandatory, 6L is great obviously.

either a rare high ES chest with a 2nd mings and using coruscating elixir, or a 6L shavs with a resistance ring and atziri's promise. you choose which you can afford and is most feasible to you.
i will test it, but i believe both options will be very close in total ES amount and DPS.

Best in slot boots are Skyforth, of course, but 99% of the game does not have these so use Rainbowstride. these will give you decent movement speed, ES, resistances and cap your block for both physical and spell.

Amulet should be a Lazhwar corrupted to give a second curse. the second curse is optional tho definitely ideal. if you have another amulet that gives a second curse, you can use it and use rathpith globe but your total ES will take a hit from having a lower ES shield.

Shield should be high ES, resistances if you can grab em, spell damage also is great to have, but primarily a 400+ ES shield because it will be the bulk of your ES gained.

Rings can be a mixture of whatever you want. want some added DPS? grab up some ming's. the chaos resistance is great too. if you want some added crit you can grab up some resistance diamond rings. you can use Doedre's for a 2nd curse if you want. whatever.

Gloves are whatever. voidbringers, maligaro's, facebreakers, or just rare ES. whatever you have, want, and can use.

Helmet should be high ES also. this should fill any resistances you're missing. you really only need a maximum of 40% for each since flasks will fill in the rest.

Belt will be The Magnate. the extremely cheap cost, increases physical, added strength and massive +50% inc flask charges is absolutely best in slot. cannot beat it.

Gems and Links

vaal haste
vaal clarity
vaal grace
inc duration

lots of vaals. you should use Chill of Corruption for one jewel slot, meaning you'll be swimming in vaal souls. you could easily keep vaal grace up 100% while mapping. pop vaal clarity and haste before boss in order to pre-cast 50 blades. clarity lasts over 25s and haste lasts 15.57 seconds.
alternatively you could drop vaal clarity since you can cast with essentially full mana from the leech of VofV and socket something else, or just run both vaal grace and haste 100% of the time with ease.

blade vortex
curse on hit
assassin's mark
*poacher's mark

if you have two curses, you can use whatever second curse you want. Warlord's mark is a great second option for consistent leech, endurance charges and possible perma stuns. Vulnerability will be a great DPS choice since with Pathfinder your BV will always poison. Or you could use enfeeble/temp chains, whatever.
if you don't run a 2nd curse feel free to move this to a 3 slot, or throw in inc duration so you don't need to cast it as often. inc aoe is unnecessary since main BV has conc effect, the CoH setup always hits first.

whirling blades
faster attacks
flicker strike

movement. flicker strike is amazing to jump to mobs, stick right on top of mobs, and to clear elevation changes that whirling blades can't, like stairs, cliffs etc.
flicker strike is actually phenomenal with blade vortex. it can make it so you don't need ANY increased aoe from gear or passives because you're instantly on top of mobs.

blood magic
summon flame golem/portal

if you don't want to swap weapons to create a portal then you can replace golem if you want. discipline and blood magic is how you'll create your low life.

herald of ash
enlighten/righteous fire/portal

these are your buffs. can socket whatever you want. if you want to turn on RF for massive DPS boost vs single targets you can socket it here. the extra mana from enlighten doesn't really add a whole lot, so whatever you prefer.

blade vortex
inc duration
spell echo
conc effect
controlled destruction

PCoC is best in slot to keep your charges up and crit rate high to ensure your charges refill the fastest they can, but definitely before their duration runs out.


Flasks will be obvious. stated above if you read it.
Vessel of Vinktar is a must. for DPS and the obscene leech, this will keep you alive at all times forever.
Taste of Hate for some phys mitigation, including reflect, higher res and crazy amounts of added DPS
Rumi's Concoction to maintain your 75/75 block. also raises your physical mitigation with a massive amount of additional armour.
Diamond Flask best 4th slot. to keep your DPS high, flasks full and to do one of the following. Either alt it with dousing if you plan on using RF in order to turn it off anytime you want, or Grounding to negate VofV shock effect, OR of Heat so you have some freeze immunity. Most likely of Heat will be best in slot.
of Warding would be best vs Atziri, then you don't have to worry about curses.

The 5th flask will either be Coruscating Elixir if you're not using a shavs, or Atziri's Promise if you are using a shavs.

Here's hoping nothing gets nerfed before Ascendancy!!
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also bumping because i finally finished the write up - enjoy.
Awesome build, can't wait to try this in Ascendancy.
Doesn't seem very smart to me to plan ahead for something that will probably get changed and reworked until it launches.
Knuckledust13 wrote:
Doesn't seem very smart to me to plan ahead for something that will probably get changed and reworked until it launches.

actually doesn't much matter because flasks are up 100% of the time right now anyway. even more so if you can incorporate The Magnate unique belt (50% increased flask charges gained). i also doubt this ascendancy path will get altered much, because it was just released and its much closer to finalizing dates than the other ascendancy trees.

im actually going to be doing a low life or CI variant of this. i don't have a shavs, but with the unique flask Coruscating Elixir which gives you shavs benefit, if its up 100% of the time than there isn't much danger. It would still be riskier than playing CI, but its possible to do either.

reason to go CI/ES or low life is in order to take advantage of Ghost Reaver and having a higher "life" pool than going pure HP. with HP as a DPS variant you could get 4k maybe 4,500 hp with very good life rolls on gear and as many life nodes as you can get.
with CS you could easily get 7,000 ES with a rathpith globe, decent helmet and rare ES chest by grabbing up ES nodes instead of hp. even more if you go CI since you can get some stellar ES nodes afterwards

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So I couldn't resist and I specc'd my other Ranger to this build.

I was talking to Mustard the other day and the leech is too damn much on this thing you really want to go high hit points through CI or low-life to take advantage of it.

Playing VofV on 4k life is like driving a Porsche with your foot on the brake.

Now I was trying to make this a LS build originally, but it is just not that efficient point-wise compared to building spell.

I grabbed some old gear lying around and got some new items and have been having a blast on the low-life version.

I've tried both Bladefall and Blade Vortex. I think if you can get 30+ blades active then BV is the way to go.

As long as you don't get stunned and are leeching - there is literally no way you can die with this kind of build:

a) end-game will easily have ~7k+ ES

b) high instant leech. If you have seen those old Aegis builds - that's what it looks like when you take heavy damage and don't have your block up. But imagine that on 7K ES.

c) max block and max spell block up permanently

d) high res from flasks

e) add in that unique Vaal jewel and you can have 100% Vaal Grace uptime.

I want to upgrade to a higher ES chest and then drop the Shav and use Coruscating Elixir.

I think with Pathfinder you could maintain permanent Elixir up (and get permanent fire max res up as well).

Blade Vortex crits so much I can't wait to get Master Surgeon.

Flicker Strike + Fortify to engage for BV is great idea.

I am using Magnate for STR, but will switch to Retch for longer flask duration.

This kind of build is perfect for Pathfinder because you are going ES/spells so you will be going to the Witch area anyway, and can get the Alchemist nodes on top of that.

EDIT: just tried this on Atziri Mirror phase and you can outleech the reflect.

Current gear for low life about 8.8k ES on this setup and still have more ES nodes to take. Flasks: I always hit 1+2+3, 4 for block, then 5 for mana and bleed.
You could take out either the Quicksilver or the mana flask once Pathfinder comes and put back in Taste of Hate / Atziri flask.

Overall pretty cool build
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a couple of interesting things to note here...

#1 the leech is so large you can out leech ANY source of damage outside of a one-shot one kill situation. this makes ES greatly more advantageous than HP because you have easily have twice the amount of pool, making one-shots almost non existent.

#2 resistances are SUPER easy to come by. keep in mind your flasks are up 100% of the time, ESPECIALLY once Master Surgeon's comes into play (more on this later). this means you can essentially walk around with just 40% resistances to ALL resistances. you carry a unique flask of each elemental type.
Vessel of Vinktar is topaz, +10% max resis and +50% lightning resis
Taste of Hate is sapphire, same thing towards cold
Coruscating Elixir is ruby, theres your fire resistance.

this allows you to be very versatile on your gear. you can skip out on some resistances and not have a problem. it also means you always have 85% max resistances, lowering the chance for one shot capabilities as well.

#3 you can run any number of combination of shield/spell block. you can run lazhwar and rare shield, or just grab up a rathpith globe and run a rare amy. either way though you do want double curse.

#4 double curse CAN be sacrificed. it isn't ideal by any means, but once Master Surgeon is released you could give up Poacher's Mark IFFFF you are running The Magnate unique belt (50% increased flask charges gained)

#5 poacher's mark, the magnate (or other belts but to a lower degree) and druidic rite are all, "% increased flask charges". heres the important part..
***This also applies to surgeon's
if you get one charge per crit, 20% of the time, with all of these combined (170% charges gained) now you are getting 2.7 charges per crit, 20% of the time. almost three times the amount of charges.
we all know how great surgeon's flasks are and how fast they recharge. now consider how fast they recharge at 3x the rate.

#6 blade vortex is used because of how frequently it crits, to gain charges. bladefall is a phenomenal spell, theres no question. it can out DPS BV unless you have around 20 blades up, but BV does something bladefall can't - the rate at which it crits.
bladefall can crit everytime you cast it, but BV can crit every 0.5 seconds for every blade you have up.

each blade in blade vortex hits twice every second. if you have 20 blades up, this is 40 chances per second for a crit to occur. to anybody thats played BV you will realize how often you crit....its literally all the time. at even 20% crit rate, i don't come into contact with a mob that i do not crit at least once.
this, come patch time, and this alone, will ensure your flasks are up 100% of the time ready for you to use. i mean....they are already WITHOUT master surgeon's!!

right now the Retch unique belt outweighs the magnate because of its duration, but the retch will be completely unnecessary with ascendancy and Pathfinder.
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personally i think im going to try to run double ming's heart. i'll still have over 6k ES i think (if i use a rare shield over rathpith).

this will only be important or really come into play once ascendancy hits, and if pathfinder isn't changed, because the additional chaos damage will be MASSIVE with the automatic poison during flask effect.

it could also mean i could use void manipulation as a possible 6th link. i'll also need to look into getting a 6L rare ES chest, but i may try to keep my carcass jack.
One other thing to note is that the low life version with Coruscating Elixir can be tricky at first. With Retch the elixir lasts slightly over 7s which I find enough. However if clear speed is too slow you may need 2 of these. Good thing this flask is so cheap.

As long as you get in the habit of timing the flasks correctly it's fine.

I think for regular map farming it is completely fine. But for stuff like Atziri run where a boss fight may have high chaos damage (i.e. trio) - then you got to be careful.

Obviously I've jumped the gun here but would be interesting to see how fast the elixir recharges with Blade Vortex and master surgeon on a single target. I'll test this later by getting another 4.2s regular ruby flask with 20% flask charge on crit and then seeing how fast it recharges. Hard for me to tell right now because all my flasks are legacy surgeon.

#4 would be cool too because then you can get a regular Lazhwar instead of having to get +1 curse.
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hmm ya that is a good thing to test out. i wonder if it'll recharge faster than you use the flask without the retch unique.

i think it certainly will if you use both magnate and poacher's mark. i think i'll test it right now actually. will be tricky though because damage as to be low enough for something to last long enough for it to recharge, haha

edit: tested it on kaom. it seems like it takes about an average of 3 seconds to refill charges. it does depend how many blades you have up. this was tested without any power charges and with power charges separately. the longest it took to gain charges was about 5 seconds. the least amount of time was about 1 second.

with about 30 blades up it seems like you'll regain enough charges to use the flask again before the duration runs out WITHOUT the use of the retch. this is also without the use of druidic rite as it was tested on my shadow. so the duration will be longer and charges will be gained slightly faster.

both poacher's mark and the magnate were used however.

once patch hits it will be really interesting to test though. i now doubt how feasible it will be to forfeit poacher's mark, but time will tell.
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