[2.1]Close Combat Mage: Flame Surge with +160k dmg - Atziri viable

Hey there, my first build topic, and my intention doing this is to show my main build, see if you guys like it and if you have some tips to tell me, since I'm quite a newbie.
(Work in Progress)

Most of mage builds are based in cast from distance, to keep safe from monsters attack, and do as large as can AoE damage to fast clear maps.
And I think it's cool, but, why not make a mage that put it's face right in front of a big pack of monsters and rip them up with a 'KameHameHa'?

Average clear speed
High damage against single target
Good survivability
Great mobility
Playable in most map mods
Reflect immune
A lot of stun :/

You have to cast spell pretty close to monsters
Don't have insta life leech
Mods like no regen are pretty much your tomb

Stats / Dmg

Cleaning an Infested Den:


(So, this video does not show Atziri itself fight cos... I died haha, but, it was human fault cos i really haven't played Atziri yet so, have no experience dealing with her...

(more will be added later)

"Flame Surge? Errrg +.+"
Ok, most of you have this idea that FS is a bad spell, but I'll try to show you that it's wrong.

Flame Surge: A fire spell that does 50% more damage to burning enemies, but can't burn enemies. Has a really fast cast speed and decent critic chance.
So, the spell can't burn enemies... let's burn them with: Righteous Fire.
FS can't burn, but nothing was said about to shock enemies:
Put a Three Dragons as helmet and it's done.
So you have: +50% dmg from bonus to burning enemies +50% from shocked enemies +25% from Celestial Punishment (passive) + burn damage from RF.
And pretty much is it with some details.

Main Spell: FS
4 link: FS + Spell Echo + Faster Casting + Increased Area of Effect
5 link: Add Controlled Destruction or Power Charge on Critical (that's actualy better put power charge on critic - it makes you get more dmg and more chance to shock enemies)
6 link: Add Fire Penetration
(For boss fight you can change increased AoE for Conc effect)

RF set up:
3 links: RF + Increased Burning + Increased Area of Effect
Remember, your RF is adjuvant, you don't really wanna a small circle of burning, meaning a small pack of monsters getting +50% of dmg from FS

Defensive Skills:
4 links: Cast When Stunned + Immortal Call + Molten Shell + Increased Duration
2 links: Cast When Stunned + Tempest Shield

Warlord's Mark + Blasphemy: Life and Mana leech + Endurance Charges.
Purity of Fire: To sustain your RF
If you manage to get more mana, could add a Herald for more dmg or Artic Armour for defense.

Passive Skills

Basicaly you'll go for: Elemental Dmg, Life Regen, Area Effect.

I'm at lvl 84, still have some skills points to earn/spend but I'm still thinking what would fit better... Probably I'll go for more life.

Help Oak: +40 life
Kill all: +1 Skill Point
Help Alira: +1 Power Charge

You have some 'must have' uniques, those are:

The Consuming Dark, 75% of your fire dmg will be converted to chaos, so now you don't have to worry about reflects elements
Rise of the Phoenix to sustain your RF
The Three Dragons: key item to give your FS the ability to shock enemies

For rings, try to find diamonds one with life and resists. If you have some money to expend, go for '-mana cost' ones.

For rest of set, you'll try to get as much as life you can and resists.

And for Amulet, you can have a T2 Talisman that gives you 2% life regen

And it's fine if you stop right there, or you can go on and buy a Victario's Acuity for 10% chance to gain power and frenzy charge on kill - that's awesome and will free a blue slot from your FS links to put Controlled Destruction (if you're using power charge on critical). At this point you'll be at 11,4% life regen/sec, more than fine to keep you RF up.

Defense / Mobility
First of all, Your mobility skill is a fine way to escape from bad situations and for getting close to monsters and rip them.
Whirling Blades + Fortify + Faster Attacks: No mysteries here.
And, adding huge survability you'll have:

That will greatly improve briefly you life regen, and + Enduring Cry you'll fill your life from almost 0 to top in less than half sec.

And that is it, a lot to improve and work on but I think it's getting pretty nice. Let me know what you guys think :)
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