[2.1] Grand Vortex [OP!Damage][Atziri/Uber][Immortal?]


Hello everyone. I'm RGrand and this Guide is my take in how to play Blade Vortex in the most viable way. (or broken way)

As of the expensive Items we use and the more complicated mechanics of poe this Build is not recommended for new Players but for those who want to improve their build.

Blade Vortex is a high frequency hitting spell that allows multiple things in combination with:

-Romira's Banquet + Voll's Devotion + Immortal Call
This generates and expands Power Charges and turns them into Endurance Charges at the speed of light. Having all endurance charges up most of the time allows our Immortal Call to last for almost 6 seconds. Making us permanently immune to physical damage(manual cast or after the first hit)
(+1 endurance charges from Bandits and +1 from Gear = 5)

-The Harvest + Atziri's Promise + Taste of Hate + Vessel of Vinktar
This generates flask charges at high speed allowing us to run permanently with:
extra 25% Physical damage as Chaos. 2% Chaos Leech
extra 30% Physical damage as Cold. 30% Physical Damage taken as Cold
converting 30% of our Physical damage into Lightning. 30% Lightning Leech
Although I would prefer the Added Lightning Spell damage Vinktar variation

That is 25+30 = 55% more Damage, an insane amount of instant leech and enemies that are shocked for an additional 50% increased(more) damage. We don't have to take VaalPact as well.

Increased AOE(left) compared to Concentraded Effect(right)
(with flasks on as they are always running)

We have ~5300 Energy Shield and 79/69/80(no flask) / 92/88/93(flask) in elemental resistances.

Our skill Duration is 9.5 Seconds and we reach 49 blades.
According to the poe-wiki our damage is:
[Sustained DPS] = [tooltip DPS] * [Blade Vortex duration] * 2
11904,97 * 9.5 * 2 = 226194,43 (with Increased AOE)
18285,19 * 9.5 * 2 = 347418,61 (with Concentrated Effect)

We did not consider that Enemies are always shocked(50% inc/more)
and Assassin's mark



All of them do not pick up Arcane Vision. That's just a quality of life node


6L Shav or Harvest:

4L CWDT Setup:
CWDT 11/x - Increased Duration 20/20 - Immortal Call 13/x - Immortal Call 20/20
We require one manual cast Immortal Call so that we can face tank Uber trio

4L Defensive BM-Aura Setup :
BloodMagic - Enlighten - Purity of Fire - Purity of Lightning

4L Supportive Aura Setup:
Enlighten - Hatred - Clarity - Discipline

3L optional Curse Setup:
Blade Vortex - Curse on Hit - Assassin's Mark


As for Gear:
Weapon: The Harvest
Armor: Shavronne's Wrapping
Amulet: Voll's Devotion
Rings: Romira's Banuqet, Rare resistance & es
Boots: Rare resistance & es (hybrid armor/es for easy coloring)
Gloves: Maligaro for damage, Rare for resistance & es
Belt: The Magnate with +1 endurance


Deathless Atziri Run

Gorge Physical Reflect(microlags)

Double Boss Volcano: Run & Bosses(microlags)

T12 Village Ruin Double Boss (can't move = no leech = rip @ boss, microlags)

28.01.2016 | Added Atziri Video
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really dont see a reason to use volls.
Basic Concept:

In detail:
Each cast gives us 2 Blades that hit 4 times each second.
We are running with a minimum of 5-10 blades. That means 10-20 hits per second.

Romira's Banquet generates each hit that does not crit a Power Charges.
Romira's Banquet also expands all power charges if we crit.
With around 40% critical strike chance and 10-20 hits per second this means
we generate and expand Power Charges at a very high speed. (Almost instant)

Now Voll's Devotion comes into play.
Whenever we loose a Power Charge we gain an Endurance Charge

Combined we are generating Endurance Charges almost instant.
Those now can be expanded with Immortal Call so that it lasts 6 seconds. With only 3 seconds Cool-Down we are permanently immune to physical damage.

Additionally 5 endurance charges give us 5*4% to elemental resistances and a flat 5*4% physical reduction.
Together with the flasks u won't be able to die to physical damage nor elemental damage
(assuming you don't get stunned/frozen or fail to leech in any other way)

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How much ES do you have with Discipline and what are your resists? Looks very squishy at some points.
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I'm at 5305 ES. and 79/69/80 resistance(without pots).
The videos were taken with random non resist gear.

Huge physical hits always get you down more then 75% of you effective life pool.
We are in melee range with 2% estimated physical damage reduction(without any pot, ec)
But after the initial hit we are immune to physical damage and have enough time to leech back.

*edit: Atziri Video added
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Very great build, but can we make life version?)) Shavrone so rich)))
Looks awesom survival for me, very nice, welldone. dps great.
some bandits to kill?
Completed 23 ChallengesSakredo wrote:
Very great build, but can we make life version?)) Shavrone so rich)))
Looks awesom survival for me, very nice, welldone. dps great.

You don't need to go low-life to make this build work mechanic wise
but you won't be able to archive the same damage and effective life pool.

I'll add a budget life-based version some time. Thanks for the request.

akaserj0 wrote:
some bandits to kill?

I'd recommend to help Oak in Merciless for an additional Endurance charge.
All others are up to you.
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Build only for witch and scion viable?
Just i have in standart Shadow and duelist 83 lvl whit reset passives, can i do it?
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