[2.1][Talisman] Chimpmunk's "7L" Lightning Trap build - Fast map clear (with video)

Chimpanzee's Throw-and-Run Lightning Trapper - High Raw Damage, Fast Clear, Non-Expensive Build

Hey there,

Some time ago I had this idea to make a lightning trap build, since it got several buffs recently, to name some:

Trap and Mine Damage (2.0)

Direct buffs to Lightning Trap (2.0)

Hasty Reconstruction (2.1)

After playing with this build for a while, I felt that Lightning Trap, and to a lesser extent, trappers in general, are horribly underrepresented in the playerblase that I know, and wrongly so. So far I've been having a blast with this build, clearing maps in a couple of minutes each, and getting my exp/hour to 9 digits pretty often while doing so.

This build doesn't specialize in Critical Strikes.

Unlike what you'd expect from a trapper build, or any spellcaster, this build uses a Quiver, namely this beauty:

The projectile damage is a nice bonus, but the main reason I'm using it is the Fork. Unlike the support gem, that gives literally no damage penalty and comes for FREE. You don't even need to link it to your Lightning Trap. Due to the way LT works (firing from the middle of a monster pack towards its edges), it's one of the skills that works with Fork the best.

This build can be made with either a Ranger or a Shadow. I'm currently using the Ranger version. You can go to my profile and look at my character "Chimpmunk". Her tree might be slightly different from the one I've linked here.
Iron Reflexes is not mandatory, it's just a bonus if you want to be more defensive. The trap-specific nodes are a must.

Ranger Tree

A similar tree for Shadow. It's incomplete, however.

Shadow Tree

Both version can use 1 Jewel.

Normal - Help Oak (+40 life)
Cruel - Kill All (skillpoint)
Merciless - Kill All (skillpoint)

Levelling 'Guide'

Reach level 12 with whatever set of skill you want. Make sure you have Bear Trap for quick single target damage.
On level 12, get Lightning Trap and start using it as your main skill. You can use Fire Trap and Bear Trap as secondary skills if LT's cooldown kicks in. Use a weapon and/or shield that increase your traps' damage, such as Lifesprig or Fencoil.
On level 56, you can start using Rigwald's Quills, which means ditching whatever you had in your hand slots.
On level 63, you can use Doryani's Fist gloves. You really should, if you're already using Quills.
On a relatively high level (Maps), ditch Fire Trap, as it should already be overpowered by LT.

First of all, try to get Clever Construction (right of Shadow) as soon as possible. Traps get quickly destroyed by many enemy moves without this passive.
Then get some life nodes and path towards Hasty Reconstruction (above Shadow), which powerfully reduces trap cooldown.
Later on, Get more life nodes and Saboteur (right of Shadow) and Master Sapper (southeast of Ranger), which give you more damage and extra traps, and High Explosives (near Clever Construction), which gives your trap penetration.
Then, try to make the tree look more like the completed tree, by taking the Scion life wheel, Iron Reflexes, and more damage passives.

For the whole gear set I'm currently using, go to my character list and look up Chimpmunk. Here's some idea for gear:


Nearly mandatory. This item is part of the reason I was inspired to make this build. Feel free not to use it if you want.


Recommended item if you're using Quills. The damage boost is decent.

Body Armour
I recommend getting a good rare 5L or, if possible, 6L body armour. The latter can be farmed with divination cards. This is mine:

A Tabula Rasa may come in handy as well. It's cheaper than any other 6L item and can be farmed with cards as well.

Get movement speed, in addition to the usual life and resistances.

Rings, Belt, Helmet
Get life and resists, as usual.


Personally, I'm using Astramentis, because It has dropped for me and I can't find anything better and this character needs the attribute points. If you're lucky or rich, you can get some talisman that increases LT's damage with life, attributes and possibly resistances.

Gem Setup
Lightning Trap: in your Body Armour
4L: LT + Controlled Destruction + Multitrap + Trap and Mine Damage
5L chest:Add Slower Projectiles or Lightning Penetration
6L: chest:Both Slower Projectiles and Lightning Penetration.

Reservations: Just Wrath. If you have it, you can use Enlighten to slightly lower the mana reservation.

Vaal Lightning Trap: You can use this to shock enemies and kill bosses more quickly. You can try linking it to Multitrap in order to shock a larger area, but according to this, it will consume all stored uses at once.

Golem: You can use Flame Golem for damage, Chaos Golem as a meatshield, or none, if you dislike golems.

Rallying Cry: You can use that skill linked with Increased Duration for a mana regeneration and damage buff.

Bear Trap: An alternative single target skill, for when LT's cooldown actually kicks in, which is rarely.

Fire Trap: an alternative Trap skill, for when cooldowns kick in. Its damage, compared to the other two, is weak, so I recommend stopping using it once you reach a good clear speed with LT alone.

Pros and Cons
Every build has its trade-offs. This one is no exception.

+High raw damage - kill normal and sometimes magic monsters with 1 throw.
+Good clear speed - Watch the exp bar soar as you cruise through maps, usually taking a couple of minutes in linear maps.
+Cheap - The Rigwald's Quills quiver can be purchased for 10c (but usually more), and it's likely that you already have it, or will get it as a drop from Rigwald. My most expensive gearpiece is the 6L, which I've got from the Chains that Bind set.
+7L - The Fork from Quills replaces the Fork, Pierce or Chain support gem you'd use otherwise.
+Reflect immune - The fact that the damage doesn't come from you, but from your traps, makes this build viable against reflect maps. In addition, you're immune to Corrupting Blood, Lightning Thorns, and other forms of reflected damage.
+Low Cooldown - Lightning Trap's cooldown is lower than that of any other trap (2 seconds), and it is lowered even more with the Hasty Reconstruction passive.
+Pretty Visuals without impeding performance - That's just my opinion, but in my experience LT barely impacts the game's performance, while creating dozens of projectiles that fly in different directions at once.
+Spare slot for picking up bows. - That disables the damage bonus from Doryani's Fist, however.

-Mediocre Defense - In my experience, the character is fairly fragile, and you got to play carefully if you don't want to die in high level maps.
-No Movement Skills - The character's lack of a weapon means you can only use Lightning Warp or Flame Dash for teleportation. The lack of cast speed makes both slow. Movement if often crucial in combat, so this is a big minus.
-Attribute Hungry - You need adequate Strength to equip Doryani's Fist, which helps with damage, and high Intelligence to use you skills and support. The tree doesn't provice a sufficient amount, so you'll have to get them on gear.
-Mana Whore - Throwing a single set of trap costs a whopping 126 mana on level 19, which forced me to use mana flasks. Can be annoying.
-Socket Deficient - Due to the lack of a weapon, this build has 6 fewer sockets than most builds. This isn't usually a big problem, however.
-Takes more than 1 second to kill bosses - I usually kill map bosses quickly, except for a stubborn few. It isn't your 1-shot concentrated damage build.
-No Leech - Self-explanatory
-Can't kill Atziri. Managed to kill Atziri, but it's very slow. - Thankfully I've got that covered with my Essence Drain guy.

Current tooltip (level 83)
With Multitrap

On 5L without Multitrap

Another quality ZAP! post.
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Another quality ZAP! post.
thanks ill use this on this current HC league, didnt notice that new quiver

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