[2.1] [SC] kr0nnnn's Solo Map MF Caustic Arrow Shadow (IR) 270/30

Hello all!

This is a guide for my 2.1 MF Caustic Arrow Shadow Character. This build utilizes increased area of effect mods + a Carcass Jack to create giant poison clouds that are scaled w/ Damage Over Time and Chaos Damage Multipliers. I then stack Item Rarity and Quantity in order to fill the screen w/ rare and unique item drops.

-INSANE Loot!!!
-Ability to Easily Clear T8-T10 maps
-Damage is Mainly From Gem Level
-Decent Survivability w/ Iron Reflexes
-Budget Build Options
-Can Complete Every Map Mod Due to Chaos Damage
-Reflect is No Issue :^)
-Atziri Viable

-6L +3 Bow Can Be Costly
-Requires Some Mechanics for Dodging

2.1 Shadow IR Passive Tree (95 Points Allocated)

Current Gear:

Bow Progression:
Due to recent changes to Caustic Arrow; it has became weaker early on and isn't the most comfortable leveling with. I would suggest using another skill while leveling until you can get a +2 5l Bow. Some good options include a Night's Hold Black Maw Talisman w/ a Flame Totem Gem, Blast Rain, Firestorm, etc.
When looking for your first +2 bow I would suggest the following steps for the cheapest method:
1. Purchase a white 5l bow on trade chat/poetrade.
2. Alt spam the bow til you get +2 Bow Gems
3. Regal for resistances/attack speed

Upgrading to Your +3 Bow!
After developing some currency you will eventually want to purchase a +3 bow 5l/6l for the extra gem levels. This can be achieved a few different ways~

The first way involves completely crafting the +3 bow from scratch including Linking + Socketing:
1.Purchase a Maraketh/Thicket/Steelwood Bow w/ at least ilvl 64
2. Scour the Bow and using Whetstones quality the bow and try for a 6l/5l
3. After achieving the 5l/6l you will want to transmute and alt spam until you roll a +2 bow gems on the bow.
*Note: If the Bow rolls w/ only the prefix "+2 Bow Gems" Augment the Bow for a suffix.
4. Once you have the Bow w/ +2 Bow gems and a suffix of some kind you will want to regal the bow.
5. Using www.poemods.com you will want to check if the regaled mod is a prefix/suffix.
6a. If the bow rolls a prefix you will want to scour the bow and restart the process.
6b. If the bow rolls a suffix you are in good shape and can continue the crafting process.
*Note: Good examples for suffixes include:
-Attack Speed
7. You must now find someone trusted who has a Lvl 8 Catarina and a Lvl 3 Leo
-Suggested People:
~IGN: Gonathras
~IGN: Lendoria
8. You should ask them to craft "Cannot Roll Attack Mods" from Catarina 8 for 1 Exalted Orb.
9. Now that the Bow can't roll any attack mods the only prefix available to exalt is +1 Gems
10. Use 1 Exalted Orb on your bow and suprise! You now have your 5l/6l +3 Bow!
11. Remove the "Cannot Roll Attack Mods" using 1 Orb of Scouring.
12. Finally have your friend craft the remaining prefix "Increased DoT" from Leo 3 for 4 Alchs.
There you go, you have your 5l/6l Bow w/ a DoT mod on it as well!

The second way includes all of the same steps as the first except instead of linking the bow you may be able to find a cheap 6l on poetrade for a few exalts.

Finally, if you would like to entirely avoid the crafting process there are many other Caustic Arrow +3 Bows listed on PoeTrade that you may purchase.

Here is the current bow that I use; I crafted this Bow buy purchasing a white 6l Thicket Bow and crafting the +2 Bow Gems on to it using Alts. I then luckily regaled the bow for a near perfect (44%) Cold Resistance Roll. Finally I had the Cata 8 + Leo 3 Craft to complete the +1 Gems + DoT Mods:


Normal: Help Oak
Cruel: Kill All
Merciless: Help Kraityn

Gem Links:

Main Skill (Bow):
4l: Caustic Arrow, Void Manipulation, Rapid Decay, Concentrated Effect
5l: Caustic Arrow, Void Manipulation, Rapid Decay, Concentrated Effect, Increased AoE
6l: Caustic Arrow, Void Manipulation, Rapid Decay, Concentrated Effect, Increased AoE, Item Rarity

Optional 6l: If you are looking for even more damage you can throw on a lvl 2+ Empower and Slower Projectiles in place of Void Manipulation and Rapid Decay.

Secondary Skill (Chest):
There isn't much you need w/ a Caustic Arrow character but, I like to use a Curse on Hit setup with Vulnerability for increased damage/degen. A 5l is all that is necessary for this setup.

5l: Frenzy, Greater Multiple Projectiles, Chain, Curse on Hit, Vulnerability

About Me:

This is the first guide that I have ever created so this is a work in progress!
Feel free to watch me live on Twitch at http://www.twitch.tv/kr0nnnn!
I have been playing Path of Exile since the end of Torment (Patch 1.3).
I am slowly trying to get into streaming Path of Exile Content on a daily basis but, I am new to Twitch and the streaming process so bare with me :^)

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