[2.1] The Real Unlimited Blade Works - Low-Life Bladefall! 140k Tooltip!

Welcome to my guide! This is going to show you how to 1 shot pretty much everything, from blue packs, to rares, to exiles, and map bosses. This build is worthy of the title of Unlimited blade works.

This guide is based on a scion tree, but you can easily modify to work for witch, as you can see on the passive tree linked.

NOTE: All screenshots are done from a level 79 Scion, who is still missing 20 points or so from the tree. The DPS will be much higher once I level up, and I will be posting updated screenshots in a few days.

There are a few ways to run the build, depending on whether or not you want to have life leech, more damage, or play more defensively.

Passive Tree:

This is the ideal passive tree. I will also screenshot the "Extra" spots and highlight them, so that you know where to save for last, in terms of leveling.

Passive Tree with Highlights:


Gear explanation:
So, with the gear, you really want ES, Resists, and all of your stat needs. I chose to fulfill most of my stat needs on my belt and jewels. Youll find yourself in need of str and dexterity with this passive setup. I got my dex on my amulet + my maligaro's, and the str on my belt + 2 jewels. Ideally, you want your amulet to have crit, crit multi, %max es, and mana regen. Spell damage is a bonus, same with cast speed. Rings, you need crit base, %max es, and mana regen on one, with resists on the other, or a mixture of both between the 2. The build is pressed for resists. You need a high ES shield, the higher the spell damage, the better, obviously. For your weapon, your main stats that you want are Spell Damage, Cast Speed, and any sort of "Damage added to spells" mod. Crit and Crit multiplier are very useful as well

Gem links:
Option 1 6L: Bladefall, Added Fire Damage, Faster Casting, Spell Echo, Controlled Destruction, Concentrated Effect
Option 2 6L: This is your life leech setup, for more survivability: Bladefall, Life Leech, Faster Casting, Spell Echo, Controlled Destruction, Concentrated Effect.

3L x2: Vaal Haste, Vaal Discipline, Inc Duration + Lightning Warp, Faster Casting, Less Duration
4L #1: Herald of Ash, Blood Magic, Blasphemy, Assassin's Mark. This link puts you on lowlife, and ensures that you will get your power charges.
4L #2: Ice Golem Lv20, CWDT lv1, Any AOE skill, and Knockback. This will keep you at a safe distance from your enemies.
4L #3 (Must go in Vertex!): Clarity, Discipline, Hatred, Enlighten (lv3 or 4 works)

Jewels are very important. This is where a lot of your DPS comes from.
I run 2 Energy from Withins, 1 for the Melding cluster, and 1 for the Quick Recovery cluster.
Other than that, your ideal jewels should have: %Damage, %Physical Damage, %Spell Damage, %Cast speed, and MANA REGEN OR REDUCED MANA COST. EACH JEWEL MUST have mana regen or reduced mana cost. This build is very mana intensive, so you have to supplement the mana costs with jewels.

Offensive Screenshots:
DPS with Hatred, Herald of Ash, and Ice Golem

DPS with Self Buffs and Flasks

DPS With Self Buffs, Flasks, and Vaal Haste

DPS with a support auramancer next to me, conduit with full frenzy, and power charges

Defensive Stats:
~8k ES (I am missing quite a few nodes because of my level)
~2k Evasion
No Armor sadly
Max Resists 75% All Around

Bandits: Kill, Kill, Power Charge

T10 Volcano, tons of damage mods (showing survivability through Warlords Mark and no life leech)
T11 Springs, Enfeeble + 30% Physical Damage Reduction (Bladefall is 80% Physical, so this map cuts out a ton of our leech from Warlord's Mark)
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Video #1 posted, more coming today. Going to do tier 11 12 13 14 and 15 maps, then attempt atziri once i reach 85
build looks good going to give it a try.

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