[2.1] [THC] Poorhunter alias the fake Reave Headhunter build

This build was made for Hardcore!

Before we go into the Build, i want to let you know that this is my first Build i ever made.
So if u have any advice/questions or anything else let me know!

The Keystone of the Build


This build uses 2 (up to 3 Jewels are possible)
We are using this Jewel to steal 1 Mod per Rare Monster.
the Jewel is around 4-5 Chaos

My thoughts on the build so far + Gameplay video at the end/sorry for the bad quality gonna make a better one next time :)

Me talking about the build and lowlevel Map just to show you the build. more comming soon

I also got a twitch stream if u want to see the build in action.
The quality is realy bad because of my Internet Connection. But if u wanna have a talk with me or just hang out and chill, this is the best way


The Gear im using atm is around 10 Exa. the most Expensive part is the "Lightning coil" atm and also "Taste of Hate" which im gonna add later on in the build.

one thing u cant skip on this build is the "Soul Taker" since it lets u roam around without Mana and it makes you very fast

Current Gear



Oak,Killall(or Kraytin),Alira



Reave - Melee Physical damage - Fortify - Increased Area of Effect - Multistrike - Weapon elemental damage

Herald of Ice - Curse on Hit - Assasins Mark - Arctic Armour

Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Leapslam - Hatred

Bloodmagic - Bloodrage - Icegolem

Cast when damage taken - Immortal call

Vaal Reave


i would sugest u to use a Nightshold Unique Talisman with a Red socket and use Flame totem for leveling, since its pretty much the fastest way to level until you get soul taker.

U can also level with Reave (i did it because i wanted to know the mechanics) there are alot of Unqiue Swords Daggers and so on which u can get for 1Alch-1Chaos.

Maps u should avoid with this build [Video will be added to this one]


There are those Nasty map mods u should avoid.
Even if u think its worth it, its never worth to rip your charakter too
Mods you should Avoid:
Bloodmagic - Just no, you reserving all your mana, so what u think is gonna happen?

Ele Reflect - its doable when ur still undergeared (no min maxing) but ur slowed and u dont wanna hit a Reflect mob on a reflect map. sooo NO

Phys Reflect - your main Dmg source and a totaly NOGO never do phys reflect. And always check on an unid map!

Things like No Regen/shoking ground and so on are doable just dont be cocky
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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) interesting
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Im streaming atm, if u wanna see the build in action.
Cool looking build, always wanted to try the headhunter mechanics out with a fast build. Mind posting the unique swords/daggers used for leveling with reave?
Ive updated the Section for leveling Unqiues, there are the uniques i used!

Thank you for your interest in the build! :)
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Ive Updated the Thread with a link to my "how i made a lot of Currency" Video.

Wouldn't tailhunter be a bit more fitting and pleasant sounding.
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Hmmm that would have been a good idea too :D
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Shameless Selfbump \O/

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