[2.2] Fireball carpet bomber - 10k ES , 184 GMP dps (CI ,VP) / 708k single target flame surge


Few words of explanations.
Dual void batteries most important - HUGE dps boost with 10 power charges
Helm , chest - simply get as much es + res u can (i did not test low life)
belt - doryani is cheap and best at this moment (if u dont have 75% res get rare belt with tri res)
Amu - most important here is hi crit multiplier, then go for cast speed - spell/fire dmg - es/mana nodes
Rings - cast speed + mana regen + res . IMPORTANT - look for ring with open preffix mod so u can craftt x % increased es mod
Gloves - maligaros
Boots - skyforth or budget kaom's roots (stun immune very important , much better this way then chayula and other boots)
Flasks - 1st - against ele ref mobs/maps
5th flask - diamond flask gives us nice boost when entering map and need get fast power charges



Fireball + fire pen (life leech for HC) + conc effect + spell echo + GMP + elemental focus
For certain bosses (dom piety) im swaping
fireball -> flame surge
gmp -> added cold dmg (even with 5L flamesurge u can wipe bosses)
472k dps + 50% more agains burning (more about flame dash later) = 708k dps vs single targets so u can realize how fights against bosses looks lke
I have 20sec power charge durtation .

Curse (main hand) - blasphemy - enlighten - warlords mark(for life mana leech and endurance charges)
I'ts 10 times better than any combinations with heralds , insta curse enemies.

Off hand (portal-arctic armour) u can change that , its not that important

Auras (helmet) - Enlighten - Clarity - Anger - Discipline

Movement skill(Boots) - Flame dash (Flame dush is MUST , it gives u 50% MORE dmg with flame surge , since flame surge have 0% chance to ignite , when fighting boss use flame dash every ~4sec , it burns enemies and also "teleport" u near them, even with elemental focus gem that skill still burn enemies)

Life insurance (boots) CWDT - Molten shell - immortal call

Vaal discipline + vaal haste + inreased duration +rallying cry - just dps and ES boost vs bosses

In maps im using anger+discipline+warlords mark with blasphemy and 600 mana still left

          Skill tree          


Bandits - passive passive + power charge

          Stats , DPS         

116k tooltip with GMP - 59%more dmg because of conc effect , it affects only hits. Fireball can pierce enemies so not always u get 59% more dmg , thats why i have 0% pierce chance so i always get 59% more dmg . So effective dps is 184k.
Flame surge 472k dps (708k dps after using flame dash)
         def stats         

10400ES / Stun , chaos damage immune / screenshoots are before skyforth and ascendancy

          Few words about maps        

U probably want to know what maps u can play with this build.

Answer is simple . All except Blood Magic (because of CI of course)
For ele weakness i swap boots for tri res
For -ele ref u can swap anger with purity of fire
For -max res + ele ref i get rise of phoenix and purity of fire (yes its playable with these mods)
No regen ? U get mana from curse
Curse immune - swap controlled destruction with PCoC

which map bosses i u can fight? All except core/colo , didnt have much practice with these bosses , but others u can face tank , dont even have to kite except uber hard map mods


wooden notebook so cant make any
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Why you dont use rolling flames? Not worth using?
In my opinion no . Im using GMP + spell echo so i can clear fast group of mobs anyway. U need dps for bosses dont forget.
nice build
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can anyone update the tree?
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Skill tree has been updated.
I got skyforth so i dont need anymore assasins mark (swaped with warlord's mark and got fire pen instead life leech for main skill )
Ascendancy nerfed crit builds (cirt multipliers on jewels/maligaros wasn't boosted by 1,5) , but it gave us 1 missing support gem , elemental focus. We get highest boost for dps (tested all support gems) So even crit nerf with 17/20 elemental focus i have 14k more dps and 37 fire pen which is AMAZING.
Can you tell me dps with a half decent dagger and a 80 spell damage ES shield? the most damage I could get pre patch was only 30k which was not anywhere close enough to make it viable on bosses where as EK on a similar setup was 160k, literally 5x the damage.

I've wanted to make fb work for a while but the damage after GMP is miserable.
IGN: Arlianth
Check out my LA build: 1782214
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My builds needs dual void battery , u get total of 500% increased spell dmg (10 power charges). If i drop 1 of void batteries my dmg is about 45% lower. But with 10k es i dont need block.

Thats right u cant shootgun bosses now with GMP but im swaping for T14+ bosses fireball->flame surge and piety/dominus dies in 3-5 sec.

P.S. i just tested etheral knives build , have 373k dps without changing jewels/skill tree and only 20lvl gems , but it have smaller range , u can kill safer/faster with fireball in my opinion(im plying fireball few years so i might not be objective)
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Can you update your first post with the correct gear and skills?

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