2.1.0 Mjolner build / Anti uber build

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Hey, I've always run an almost identical build to yours. I haven't played in a few months so my mind forgets precisely why I made a decision the past not to go EB MOM but I was contemplating trying it again with the free respec. This thread, build variant 3 EB MOM

tree here


My questions are.

1. With our build we run Bloodrage and the ES goes to waste because of this, from what I recall the ES on hit gems coupled with the roughly 600 ES we have, (my gear is basically identical to yours) made me contemplate using the EB MOM so that the ES didn't go to waste. However I reasoned the 30% of 600 ES we have really isn't enough of a pool of mitigation with the rate the the jewels restore it and we risk being unable to cast from no pool. For these reasons I feel the wasting of the ES from bloodrage while a small waste, it would be a larger waste to spec EBMOM for that small pool. Is this in accord with your thoughts?

2. This EB MOM build, if you cut the EB MOM and go something like this


I seem to recall there is a reason u need more power/endurance charges but i cant exactly recall why and I was contemplating taking the scion path for more life and AS and 1 more jewel socket at the cost of the charges. I remember partly it has something to do with the generation mechanics of charges u want +1 endurance over power? Do u know remember the mechanics behind why this is and do you feel that mechanic optimization outweighs taking the scion path?
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I hope i explained you well ingame mate :)
ok now, what Ascendancy class and points?

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