[2.1.] Vigilant Strike Staff Crit (theocraft)

Hey guys. This my first theocraft experience.

The plan is to combine the high dmg amount of vigilant strike(cant be evaded, crit, high phys) and its deffenses(fortify, endurance charges)

So i use a crit staff (Hegemony's Era would be perfect). Staffs have good crit chance on waepon and tree.

The most important thing is to get an endurance charge flat. with blasphemy+warlords mark + 10% endurance charge on crit it will be no problem to have enough in mobs. its vry similiar to flicker strike i guess.

Crit is possible becouse the staff tree. with hegemony´s era, tree and bandit i have 6 power charges. im not that good in poe-maths, but 300% charge chance, 265% from tree it could be okay?! I generate charges with knockback-crit/block/assasins mark

Deffense i get with this endurance charges (6 charges: up to 24% phys and ele reduction), fortify, armor and block(28% with tree and hegemony´s)

Aura: 2 blasphemy will take 70% mana. if i dont need them to create charges, hatred and HoA will do it.


Vigilant strike + Splash + MpD + Multistrike + Endurance Charge on Stun(single target)/added fire dmg/phys to lightning

Blasphemy + Assasins Mark + Warlords Mark + (Fire golem/Ice Golem)

Leapslam + Faster attacks + Stun + Endurance charge on Stun

CWDT(20) + Immortal Call + Molten Shell + Increased Duration

Passive tree:


Pros and Cons:

+ High phys dmg
+ Crit
+ unpopular skill
+ Endurance combination for offense and deffense
+ Lot of Gear variations

- Hegemony´s is not that cheap.
- what about attack speed?
- melee and small aoe(lot of movement needed)*
- maybe mana problems*

PS: Tested it in Standard with lvl 84 Marauder. 2 Problems to solve: the lifepool is too low, the mechanics to generate endurance charges with crit and curse still have problems.
But with Leapslam its possible to play.

My dmg was around 90k with charges, but my critchance just around 50%(i picked)

After all that Babbelshit i think, this build is viable. But its not that easy to play.

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