[2.1] Help me be not so lost after 2 years

So long story short I played this great game roughly 2 years ago with my brother...life an work got busy. So I re-installed Steam and PoE jumped back into my life. I have spent the last couple weeks watching streams and being still somewhat lost haha.

So two years! OMG lot has changed and to be very upfront my brother was very skilled an into this game so he mostly helped me get this character to where it is today. Did not really understand my build greatly but I had a lot of fun killing stuff back then haha.

I believe you would call me old school build a pet build. I was running Spectre / Zombie / Skeletons with Storm Call and Totem.

To me that does not mean a lot but I get the idea of what I was doing and I really enjoyed the crafting in this game so I believe my gear is still somewhat ok?

So here is where I need help I have NO idea what my current gear / gems work towards an updated build as all my points have been refunded. I have looked at a few solid streamers an do understand the basic of things.

What I have lost is my bookmarks an helped I had like what items you try to um improve? that can turn into rares?

What a loot filter is? Do I need it if I am bad an new in the sense of starting lot of my memeory of what this games offer over?

Build what to start with? Can you tell from my previous gems what play style would work well?

I will gladly get on Skype or Curse with someone and re-inverse you with in game currency for your time and patience with me. I just want to be able to play this game like before and well now instead of dueling the game it is just me.

Thank you for any help you can provide I have always had gl with the community here!
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