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2.1 Bladefall trapper builds, by 7thDayTheory | From self-found to Atziri | No budget required

2.1 Bladefall trapper builds,
by 7thDayTheory

So, I started Talisman League wanting to play a trapper. I was initially going with Fire- and Fire-Storm Traps, which is great, but I wanted a change and ended up with Bladefall Traps as my main skill. I have done alot of experimenting with gear and gem setups and have also read alot of guides along the way and came across a few viable variations of the Bladefall Trapper. The build is really cheap and is a great choice as a first character starting out in a new league. So without further ado, let's jump straight into it.

-Can do all maps and mapmods
-Strong defensive setup
-Decent clear
-Atziri viable

-Clearspeed restricted by cooldown on traps
-Playstyle doesn't fit everyone
-Mediocre life

Main build - Poison Bladefall

This build is heavily inspired by AznR4ge's "[2.1] Airstrike Inbound, a crit poison Bladefall Trapper" which can be found here goo.gl/hIU8Uq. It revolves around linking Bladefall with Poison and focusing the scaling on DoT and Chaos damage rather than Bladefall's initial hit. For single target we use Bear Trap linked with Poison. It is a very strong build that have allowed me to just alch and run all maps so far (up to T10, highest map I had).

The way poison is stacking allows for some amazing DPS, basicly double dipping in chaos, trap and DoT scaling. AznR4ge has a detailed section containing the calculations in his guide.
Waiting for permission

Our playstyle revolves around throwing traps, whirling around and casting Enduring Cry. What I usually do in maps is that i throw one set of traps, cast Enduring Cry and whirl through while they die to the Poison Bladefall AoE. The unique shield Jaws of Agony grants me Power Charges when I throw a trap. Multitrap interacts in a fun way with this, granting a 25% chance to gain a Power Charge on each of the three traps thrown out by Multitrap, ensuring we have 100% uptime on charges if we choose to.

While most enemies are one-shot, we do every so often, encounter a more tenacious pack of monsters or a particulary viscious boss with a nasty set of map mods. Since we focus on scaling the DoT portion of our damage, we need strong defenses to stay alive while it does it work. Playing a trapper by itself allows for a very defensive playstyle. I however, play it more offensively and also in general prefer strong defenses for my builds. On this build we have solved this by running Temporal Chains on Blasphemy, Arctic Armour, Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics, CWDT-IC-Incr. Duration-Vaal Grace along with self-cast Enduring Cry and Whirling Blades linked with Fortify and Faster Attacks for mobility and defense. This will all be discussed in the gem section, but that's the core of our defenses.

Passive tree
There are two ways to build this. One is going for the Acrobatics, Phaso Acrobatics, Master Sapper and Dirty Technique nodes in the south-eastern area of the tree.

Another is going left towards the Templar area picking up more life and AoE, as well as being a MoM\EB\ZO setup as opposed to Acro\Phase Acro.

I am personally running the Acrobatics variation which is abit lower lower on life (137% vs 159%). The reason for that is that it was my first character and I didn't have any hybrid gear. Acrobatics+Phase Acro was a quick fix to that. I will probably stick to it as I've grown quite fond of it. The other benefits are that you get to pick up the Master Sapper cluster as well as the Dirty Technique nodes. After playing around with it, being able to throw the extra set of multitraps might not actually be that beneficial. It's not often you actually lay out 9 traps on the field at the same time. I do however this route is the way if going for Acrobatics in the first place.

The EB\MoM\ZO route requires some hybrid gear, which is easy to find. The main upside of this variation is being able to reserve 100% of your mana and takes more life and AoE nodes around the Templar area. The extra life and AoE comes at the cost of less dmg nodes.

Current tree @ 86 (Acro)

Finished Tree (Acro)

Finished Tree (EB\MoM\ZO)

Gem setup
Chest 5 linked Bladefall-Trap-Multiple Traps-Trap and Mine Damage-Poison
Shield (JoA) 3 linked Beartrap-Trap and Mine Damage-Poison-Culling Strike\Increased Duration (Atziri)
Weapon 3 linked Whirling Blades-Faster Attacks-Fortify
Gloves 4 linked Cast When Damage Taken-Immortal Call-Increased Duration-Vaal Grace
Boots 4 linked Blasphemy-Temporal Chains-Arctic Armor-Purity of Elements (For Ele. Weakness maps)
Helmet 4 linked Fire Trap-Multiple Traps-Trap and Mine Damage-Increased AoE\Incr. Burning Damage

Utility skills requiring only 1 socket:
Enduring Cry
Flame\Ice Golem-Minion Life-Fortify
Flame Dash

Gem discussion
Most of these are self-explanatory, but there are quite a few options. Our only required setup is the Bladefall and Bear Trap setup. The rest you can fill with what you like. I enjoy not dying, so I filled my open gemslots with defensive skills. Other defensive options would be fitting in Grace which is quite doable.

I'm currently experimenting with Fire Trap since I take alot of DoT scaling, as well as some AoE nodes and have Divinarius and Carcass Jack to further increase and scale my AoE. Fire Trap itself is just a filler and not really needed at all. Playing this trapper you will find yourself with an abundance of open gemslots and the freedom to customize it and run whatever you want. I know other people use Ethereal Knives-Trap-Multiple Traps-Trap and Mine damage-Poison in Deerstalker.

Another option would be to entirely drop a third trap, which is mostly just a placeholder anyways, and re-organize your gems to include Enhance, Enlighten and Empower or quality of life changes such as Golem-Fortify-Minion Life-Minion Elemental Resitance etc

Defense explained
Taking Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics in addition to using Atziri's Step, I'm currently sporting a 40% chance to dodge attacks and 44% chance to dodge spells. I have layered this with a CWDT-IC setup with self-cast Enduring Cry. In addition to that I run Vaal Grace and Arctic Armour.

A major factor for our defenses is Temporal Chains on Blasphemy. It is increadibly strong, slowing approaching melee enemies to a snails pace, both their movement- and attackspeed. It also keeps them in place for our traps AoE as well as scaling the DoT portion of the damage. The most important aspect of it is that it makes it risk-free to play offensively with your Whirling Blades since nothing that ever gets to hit you in melee range and if they do, they have to get through several layers of defense creating a very safe style of play.


or a dagger with Crit and Spelldamage. You want to equip a dagger so you can use Whirling Blades.

Incredible shield for this build. The 25% chance to gain a Power Charge is huge and allows us to have a 100% uptime on Power Charges.

You can use a rare shield instead, but it's hard to beat Jaws of Agony for this build.


Rares with Life, Res and Movement Speed

or Lightning Coil, Belly of the Beast, Daresso's Defiance, a good rare with life and res.

A good cheap and often forgotten chestpiece is this:

Jewelry should be rares with life and res. For neck you can use a good chaos dmg talisman.
You don't need any uniques. I started out self-found and later started to buy one item at a time when I could afford it. Everything can be substituted with rares with life and res.

Atziri's Promise

Taste of Hate

Current gear @ lvl 86. 19.12.2015

Need to get proper colors on the Carcass Jack before I can use it and get an Atziri Flask instead of my last Health pot. A Saturated mana pot is essential if doing the Acro version.


I just did an Atziri run to prove this build is Atziri-proof. As you can see from the quality in my screenshot, my computer is not capable of recording. The run was smooth, but a few careless deaths. She is easy farm with this build.

The single most important skill for the entirety of this zone is Whirling Blades linked with Faster Attacks and Fortify. The utility it offers are absolutely crucial.

Another important setup is a self-cast Enduring Cry with Immortal Call on Cast When Damage Taken linked to Increased Duration.

The most important item is

I take no regen on tree or gear so a Saturated mana flast is key for sustain.

Double Vaal
At the beginning of the fight just throw your traps eaqually between them. After the first submerge just throw Bladefall Traps on them after they stack.

Always be on the move, always whirl around. The key is to survive. Don't get greedy and throw a trap when it's not safe.

I accidentally killed the Double Striker first.

Killed the tentaclewoman second and the cycloner last.

Kite around the edges in a circle with Whirling Blades. Throw traps when you can, prioritize moving and avoiding damage. Try and kill them in the middle. Doesn't really matter which one you kill first, but never leave the tentacle-woman for last.

Not much to say here.
In her normal phase just whirl around and throw traps, use Enduring Cry and remember to turn off Temp. Chains on Blashphemy.

In her splitphase just pick one spot and stack traps. Should die almost instantly and phase should end. Be mobile. Stack traps, but be whirling when the split actually spawns as you will be instantly targeted with a Flameblast.

For her add phase I just throw Badefall Traps and position myself properly to spam a self-cast EK-Faster Casting-Added Chaos-Poison.

Always prioritize avoiding damage. Survival is key. Dead people don't do damage.

Screenshot of dps-screen

Screenshot of defensive screen

Passive tree @ 89

Gear @ 89

Other guides

05.01.2016 Atziri section added
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I know you detailed this a bit in the other post but can you expand on your thoughts about dual curses with whispers of doom and hex master? Seems like Vuln + Temp Chains would be massive damage with some added survivability.
I really want to see what you did with Southbound+Binos Poison prolif version. I tried running atziri but failed at the vaal overseers, I just couldn't kill them fast enough and a few snipes killed me. I have binos, atziri, alphas, queens 5l (lucky rolls by me, took me 11 fusings) but.. I don't know, damage seems to be fine in maps but vaal overseers were a pain.
IGN: Interloper
I know you detailed this a bit in the other post but can you expand on your thoughts about dual curses with whispers of doom and hex master? Seems like Vuln + Temp Chains would be massive damage with some added survivability.

I'm not quite sure what you are wondering about.

If you can run Vuln + Temp. Chains that is great. However, my build are extremely tight on skill points and I find myself unable to get +1 curse on the tree. The other option would be to use a Doedres or a +1 corruption.

I would not run double Blasphemy as I prefer to be able to do all map mods. With that setup curse immune maps would be horrible.

Also, I think it's only worth running one aura on Blasphemy. I wennt with Temp. Chains for amazing defense and slight dps increase.

If you ask more specific, I can answer you in more detail.

I really want to see what you did with Southbound+Binos Poison prolif version. I tried running atziri but failed at the vaal overseers, I just couldn't kill them fast enough and a few snipes killed me. I have binos, atziri, alphas, queens 5l (lucky rolls by me, took me 11 fusings) but.. I don't know, damage seems to be fine in maps but vaal overseers were a pain.

I just did an Atziri run. I'll take a screen and do a little writeup before I go to bed.

Atziri @ 89 Bladefall Acro:
Last edited by 7thDayTheory on Jan 4, 2016, 7:11:25 PM
I dit it, my first atziri kill ever!

Thx a lot
That's great. I've parked this char and are currently working on an ED\RF\Abyssal Cry build. May do I writeup later if I feel like it.
Sry, might be a noob question, but how do you keep all the auras up and still have mana for traps? Arctic Armor(25%) + Temporal Chains(35%) + Purity of Elements(35%) = 95% reserved mana!?

I tried to look for answers in the build but couldn't find any :s

Edit: I'm not supposed to have all 3 on at the same time, right? Omg I feel stupid :D
Last edited by iValveX on Feb 18, 2016, 4:49:27 PM
I think I used the Purity of Elements for Elemental Weakness maps.

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