Find Unique Item Zana Mission - No Unique In The Map

Entered Colonnade Map, found Zana inside the map, talked to NPC. Quest generated: Find unique, before time runs out, to increase the time touch the stones.

Map:Waste pool
Mods:Humanoids, fracture
Inside the map: Talisman Circle

I've cleared about 80% of the map, including the boss, time ran out, no unique dropped. So, I've googled whether or not the unique will remain in the map, apparently it should have. Cleared the map to the last mob, nothing. Went back to HO took 5 talis, did the summoning, nothing. Opened every chest, looked under every rock. Nothing. Went through the whole map few more times, very slowly, turned off the neversink loot filter etc. Nothing. It is not there. So I've decided to post the bug.
Same thing happened to me, i thought it was supposed to not drop but apparently it should have still. according to wiki and other spoken to contacts. That was supposed to be my scalds dammit! lol
just got it right crematorium map......
type /remaining at take a screen shot of it saying there are no monsters remaining while you are in the map, also type /bug and get both messages on the pic, if there are monster left then kill them before making a report.
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Ive skipped the obvious (using /remaining) and Ive also typed /bug right before making that thread here. I got the screenshots too.
I have also fully cleared a Zana map and found no unique during the daily mission to find the unique within the time limit.

Map: Precinct
Mods: Lightning resistance and Lightning damage

After killing all the monsters, I opened all of the chests and barrels that I could find and still nothing.

Same for me, killed all the monsters, opened everything, and still no unique.

Mine too. No unique found in this map with zana "find unique quest"
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just had this happen to me aswell, 0 mobs remaining.
When the time runs out, the quest is over and the guaranteed unique is no longer available

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