[2.1] Elemental Crit Sepctral Throw inspired by mathil

if anybody is interested here is the spectral throw build that i am using in the talisman softcore league. I was hoping that mathil will update his guide for 2.1 but he didn't yet so i decided to try out his spectral throw and was surprised how well it went. This is by far one of the best clear speed build i've played. i currently farm dried lake at 170m exp/hr.

Planned Skill Tree

level 71:
3.4k life
30% dodge
47% evade rate
Right now i am using a 4link : Spectral throw, Weapon elemental damage, blood magic, and GMP
without any buffs and using HoI, HoT and wrath + 7 frenzy charges and 3 power charges i have 15.5k dps with gmp

fully buffed with atziri flask and vaal haste i have 20.5k dps with gmp

Current Gear

foil cost me about 4 chaos. rat's nest is best choice for helm if you cannot get it, you can slide with a Starkonjas until you can get it. if you cant get a maligaro's, you can use a facebreaker for the crit multi. for the chest, you can use just about any rare chest with good stats, a lightning coil or daresso's defiance. Belly is good in this build because we have a lot of life nodes in the tree.

for the rest: i followed mathil's setup:

Helm 4L - Frenzy, Fortify, Blood Magic, Power Charge on Crit
Chest 6L - Spectral Throw, GMP, Weapon Elemental Damage, Blood Magic, Lightning Penetration, Life Leech.
Gloves 4L -Whirling Blades, Blood Magic, Faster Attacks, Fortify
Boots 4L - Herald of Ice, Herald of Thunder, Curse on Hit, Assassin's Mark
Shield 2L - Wrath, Vaal Haste, Increased Duration
Weapon 3L - Blood Magic, Summon Ice Golem, Blood Rage

normal : oak - hp
cruel: Kraityn - attack speed
merciless: Kraityn - frenzy charge

if anyone is interested in this i can write up how i used spectral throw from level 1 to level.

I have lots of room for upgrades like adding on a 5 link to increase my dps even more, getting the last ring with WED, quality gems, a better foil with more crit, more jewels on the tree ( currently have 2), and can get the new lightning flask for even more damage.
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