2.1 classic summoner ,cheapish ,exelent for farming, mf viable

hey i would like to start of by saying that english is not my native language and that this post wil contain typing errors.

lets talk about the build:

this build is a low-life classic summoner. 7k es with my gear setup at this point (it wil go higher). it utilizes 7 jewelslots 6 of them have 15% miniondmg. this is needed to make the build function and to obtain a decent amount of clearspeed in tier 12+ maps. i do not run a single curse becouse i dont need it, and i dont have the gemslots nor the talent points to make it work properly

-very tanky build that has a decent amount of output
-becouse you run 11 zombies, the glascannons in your group will love you.
-very cheap to build, only thing that costs you is the shav's.
-this is a build that wil make currency instead of costing.

-it is not the most engaging build to play, true granted fact.
-shavrone's will be hard to obtain in a new league. and to reach true potential you need to run it lowlife.
-i do not advise to reserve 60% of your life in hardcore.
-it dousnt have the clearspeed of vaalspark.

skilltree :


take all the minion nodes first ,grab aura node's and jewel node's along the way. i wasted 1 point in 30 strengt node, can be fixed with gear.

i wil break it up in leveling segments if enough people ask me to do so.

to check the gear plz click on my profile and inspect it for the time being. i wil make a detaild gearguide this afternoon when i get home again :) sorry, dont have the time to do it right now.
cant see your characters in your profile
ye gem setup would be really nice :P, wanted to play summoner for ages

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