Good Cheap 2.1 Atziri capable builds?

I've been surfing through the Templar build threads since 2.1 came out and I don't know if it's because the game is dying, or Templars aren't popular or 2.1 nerfs (e.g Incinerate...) killed all the decent builds but it doesn't seem like anybody's really playing and posting about decent builds. All I'm seeing is warmed over builds that people seem to think might not be completely dead with the nerfs.

Anybody seeing otherwise? Help!

Anybody? Bueller?
You have to try out new nodes and gems first before you post a build. So give it some time i guess.
And people just continue playing and updating their old builds because they have the items so they just "fix" their builds after the changes.
You can try an RF Totem build. I currently just posted mine at , while im biased towards my build there are several really nice other RF totem builds as well out there. Another good one is

The big difference between mine and his is gear cost. his requires a doryanis catalyst (1.5ex+++) where mine can be done entirely under 30c. His also doesnt use searing bond or the massive aoes, but is probably a little stronger in the DoT aspects. Check em both out, both atziri farmable =)
vexray wrote:

Awesome - thanks for the pointers - I think I have my winnar(s)

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