[2.1] Lightbane Chaos Bladefall (Build in progress)

Thought i shared my current running build, it takes advantage of the new introduced mechanics to quickly dispatch enemies.

Base idea

The idea is to use the newly introduced chaos and damage nodes along with poison as an alternative scaling method rather than crit.
In order to gain the most benefit we require one specific unique:

This item will boost the efficency of our chaos nodes we take by a big factor resulting in ~50% of our damage being chaos in the end, and resulting in insane chaos damage (49% of initial hit per second for 2 seconds at the moment).

Another unique that might be considered is Ming's Heart, which would add another 15% of our physical as chaos damage.
Not sure if Apep's Rage would be a good pick or not, will have to test it out once i get enough currency i guess.

Current gear




Current stats @ level 72 are:
8000 tooltip dps
3048 - 4567 combined damage
1678 - 2515 physical damage
1002 - 1501 chaos damage
368 - 551 fire damage

2.05 casts per second (64% cast speed increase) without spell echo

Current poison modifiers: 391% increased => 49.1% of initial hit per second for 2 seconds

Most enemies die in 1-2 casts, some rares last a bit longer but generally it clears really fast.


We run a high enough life pool (154% life + 3 sockets for more if needed) along with MOM/EB/GR. We supplement our defenses with 2 blasphemy auras:
Warlords Mark - Gives us the leech we need for GR/MOM, and gives us endurance charges
Enfeeble - Seeing as we don't run armor or hybrid i felt like this was the go-to choice, temp chains as alternative for longer poison duration.

Skill gem setup

Current skill gem setup is a 4L, which has proven useful in clearing all content and low level maps (still leveling, haven't tested higher content, only level 72).

4L: Bladefall - Controlled Destruction - Faster casting - Poison

I do not pick echo because i feel like it roots me in the place too much. Not sure what to pick as 5/6L atm, maybe Added Chaos / Echo / Void Manipulation as choices.

Supporting skills setup


Planned links are:
4L: Enlighten - Blasphemy - Enfeeble - Warlord's Mark
4L: Essence Drain - Controlled Destruction - Rapid Decay - Void Manipulation

3L: Spell Totem - Wither - Longer Duration
3L: CWDT (level 1) - Enfeeble - Warlord's Mark

CWDT setup for ranged monsters outside the blasphemy area.
Free 4L for anything you want, fit in herald of ash somewhere.


Normal - Oak
Cruel - Alira
Merciless - Passive point

Passive Tree

I will continue updating the thread as i get more levels and links.
[2.2] The Vampire - Tanky 2H Axe Slayer Duelist - /view-thread/1611662
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[2.2] The Vampire - Tanky 2H Axe Slayer Duelist - /view-thread/1611662

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