[2.1.0] [HC Talisman League] Hell's CoC Bladevortex

Hey Guys!

This is a build idea from Hell about the new skill gem Bladevortex. There are two skill tree versions of this build - one core version and one final version. Feel free to check this out. This build looks pretty fun and is designed for the new league start but it's pretty expensive in terms of currency.

Gem Section:
Chest: Cyclone - CoC - Blade Vortex - Fortify - LL (5L) - Bladefall (6L)
Weapon: Whirling Blades - Fortify - FA
Offhand: Cwdt(low) - Flame Golem - Tempest Shield
Gloves: Vengeance - Riposte - PCOC - Reckoning
Helmet: Cwdt - Phy. Spell(EK) - Molten Shell - LL
Boots: Blasphemy - Warlord's Mark - HoA/2nd Curse - Hatred

Skillgems to level in your 2nd weapon slot:
3x Blade Vortex, Molten Strike, Reave, SW Totem

Oak - Krait - Alira

Core Tree

Final Tree

Feel free to ask any questions since Hell will check out this thread from time to time.
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My try on this build:
- little bit more life
- acro
- more jewels

I dont understand your choice of defence do u go armor or evasion?
Really don't like a lot of choices you made here.

Fortify in main attack is a waste, you already have it on whirling blades which you will use to jump into packs and that's enough. 5L should include bladefall and 6L should have another damage support like increased critical damage or added fire.

Ice golem is better than fire golem because more crits = more damage and unless you're using a great vagan dagger you will want the accuracy.

You have 100% mana reserved with blasphemy (25%) HoA/second curse (25%) and hatred (50%) but you aren't doing eldrich battery so that won't work unless you're using soul taker.

You have several CWDT setups but you aren't using the best one for a squishy CoC build - immortal call.

Your power charge generation relies on PCOC gem and a bunch of counterattack gems which I wouldnt really call reliable, your tree doesn't have any extra charges or duration, but you're still taking Alira in merciless when you'd be better off with another skill point or endurance charge since you're using warlords mark.

Would recommend redoing a lot to make it line up better. It's kind of just a hodge podge of decent ideas that don't have much synergy at the moment. Sorry if it's coming off as harsh, just trying to be helpful.
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@Nasreth: Thanks for the feedback.

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I will answer you in a PM so as not to hijack the thread. If OP would like to hear my suggestions feel free to reply and I can copy paste as an edit over this post.
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Well actually, I would like to hear your suggestions too.
Master Carrrrtographerr! Yirim
I'd like to hear suggestions here.

Wouldn't it be better to use barrage with a wand for blade vortex?
Well here's my input for those who care:

I've probably made a dozen trees for this and I'm not sure I'm happy with any of them yet. I think the best version of the build is going to be a Scion start because that's the only way to get enough accuracy and crit without sacrificing %life. I think the tree I ended up settling on when I was poking around yesterday ended with about 170% life and 100% accuracy which seems acceptable but I may be able to tweak it some more still.

I'm almost certain now that the best link setup will be:
Cyclone -> CoC -> Blade Vortex -> Physical to Lightning -> Life Leech -> Bladefall

Life leech gem assumes vaal pact. I also ended up making another tree that had leech in the tree but I don't think it's very good. PTL gem is easily the best support because it gives shock and a ton of extra damage.

I don't think ranged weapons like wands are a good idea because vortex is essentially a melee range skill. If you want to do something with bladefall then barrage wand may work, but that would be a different build entirely.

I think weapon setup will work with something like a divinarius, but if you can get a dagger with crit, spell damage, physical damage, and attack speed then obviously your cyclone will benefit immensely. With the melee gem changes a level 20 cyclone will cost the same as a level 1 cyclone for mana, so there's a ton of benefit from getting phys damage on your weapon even though it's not applying towards your bladefall or vortex. I'm up in the air on survivability but possibly dual wield daggers would work and be a great way to pump your cyclone dps.

I'm just gonna leave it at this for now. If you want more info from me about my specific build then send me a PM. I'm certainly not the best at these things but I've put a lot of time into this one so I can probably answer your questions at least.

Ending Note: I also made a CI version of it. It's uhh... interesting in theory. Could possibly even be the strongest version with good enough ES gear depending on the Vaal Pact + Ghost Reaver leech returns.

Edit: Got a ton of requests for my Scion tree, here it is to save time. Sorry if I didn't get back to you, I got like dozens of messages lol. In all seriousness I hate giving something like this out because I'm not the greatest player, so please take it with a grain of salt.

Here's my skill tree. Notable Stats:

161% Max Life
5 Jewel Sockets
64% Attack Speed
134% Accuracy
307% Global Crit
97% Global Crit Multiplier
40% Extra Dagger Crit (for proccing CoC)
120% additional Global Phys damage
20% additional Elemental Damage
Vaal Pact

Doesn't have extra power charges. If you want to get +1 from Alira and use assassins mark to generate I don't think it's a bad idea.

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So, do you have a finished tree with all the changes?
Since I can't edit I appologize.

If so, what is your take on the leveling setup before changing to CoC and what should we use?

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