[2.1] Theory, LowLife Chaos Affliction Discution

Hi everyone,

(First, I'm not EN native so I can do lot of bad english really sorry about that)

The new chaos spell are awsome ! That remind me the good old time of warlock Afflition in WoW (best class ever haha)

So I was thinking about something viable arround the new spell, tell me what you think.
For sure there is no lock about build and gear, this is a discution thread:

The new skilltree:

So the build:


It's intentionaly a lvl 100 build, i want to see the full power of the build.
But we can remove some spell, some ES or even the dual curse (don't be sure about the utility of dual curse Tbh)

I thinking about Lowlife because of pain attunment since the spell damage is modifier of the new chaos spell.

About the spell:

The main spell,

6L: Contagion > Controled destruction > Void manipulation > rapid decay > Inc Duration > Conc effect/Inc Area


6L: Essence drain > Control Destru > Void Manip > Rap Decay > Inc Duration (for a longer leech?) > Chain?/Greater?/Lesser?/Faster?/Slower? (don't be sure about the 6th link since it's a projectile)

Don't be sure about wich spell will be the most powerfull as main spell, but if Essence drain damage is enough maybe taking ghost reaver for the leech?

The other spell will be:

- 4L Contagion or Essence drain (depend of the primary)
- 4L Wither > Inc duration > Fastercast > SpellEcho?/IncAOE?

Movement spell,

Not sure about that, but I really love W blade
So there is 2 otpions:

1) Dagger + WB (fortify, FA), Less damage (cause dagger, lessspell), better movement (for me), better utility (fortify)
2) Wand + Famedash/Lightningwarp, Better damage, but less utility (no fortify)


To be Honnest, I don't know haha.

Thanks for reading, (sorry for the bad english)
Let's talk about that !

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