2.1 highest Shadow DPS build

Refer to EMeet's offline skill tree


link is as follows,

quick tips and tricks

starting out from shadow we rush to blood siphon to get the much needed life nodes,following that we head directly to blood drinker to get more of those life nodes,then up to written in blood for more life nodes, following that we pass across to melding for a bit more life then across to heart and soul picking up additional much needed life. a quick waltz over to the left gets us cruel preparation for a bit more life and resistances. after that we head down from shadow and get hired killer on our way to the holy grail, we path through reflexs and sentinal to get to the promised land, and grab the entire scion life wheel, following that we go down through ranger grabbing every life node we can aswell as getting thick skin before heading to duelist, we round out the build with bravery golems blood and iron reflexs.

Build DPS:

dead people dont do dps, you are not dead, so you do infinitely more dps than any other shadow

Build lvling:

respec your useless high level shadow

Build gear:

Lightning coil taste of hate, everything else is rare and has high life rolls, pref armour base.

Weapon of choice:

2 shields so you dont die.

recommended maps:

anything which doesnt have life regen.

rate comment and subscribe, and remember, dead people dont do dps

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