[2.0] zSavage's Dark Art of Ball Lightning (Dual Wield semi-crit)

This is the build I've been playing in the 5 week Darkshrine SC league. I've been surprised and the effectiveness of the skill, and how fun it's been to play.

In general this is a very mobile caster who auto generates power and frenzy charges while shattering packs with often a single cast.

Core Skills

Pack Clear: Ball Lightning + LMP + Spell Echo + Iron Will
Single Target: Ball Lightning + Slower Proj + Light Pen + Spell Echo

Add supports as needed. You can swap out light pen for something like crit chance or multi when you get call of the brotherhood.

Movement: Whirling Blades + Faster Attacks + Fortify

Auras: Arctic Armour / Herald of Thunder + Curse on Hit + Assassin's Mark / Herald of Ice + Ice Bite
Herald of Thunder curses packs for crit and power charges while Herald of Ice combos on packs to get frenzy charges.

Others: Arctic Breath + GMP + CWDT
Defensive utility.

Golem: Flame Golem.

My Gear

I highly recommend using dual Divinarius, and Call of the Brotherhood if you can (You'll need this ring for Herald of Ice to work to get frenzy charges). I've filled the rest of my slots with good-ish rares. If you have a good unique chest feel free to use that.

Flask to taste.


What's the tooltip DPS like on your skills? Life?
The single target is near 5K and the LMP near 4K, atm.
4.2K life, 6K es.

Why two setups?
Slower proj adds a lot of damage but doesn't have good coverage. I use another setup with LMP to clear packs (the spread with the amount of AoE we have is insane).

How do I level?
Get ball lightning and use it (a3n). Until then I'd use freeze pulse or light tendrils or something.

How did you get your gems to 20% quality?
I used the perfection shrine event (crit multi) to make an item in my inventory or equipped 20% quality. If all your gear (including flasks) is 20%, it will only pick items in your inventory. Then un-equip a skill gem and make it the only item you carry, and if you get perfection it will have to pick that item.

Why 'Dark Art'?
I use the Dark Arts notable (+12% attack speed and 8% cast speed while dual wielding, +20 dex) to great effect, since I use both whirling blades and cast.
Why Flame Golem over Ice Golem?
Flame golem at high level grants 20% increased damage. Ice golem adds 30% crit and 30% acc (not used). Since the base crit chance of Ball Lightning is only 5%, this only adds 1.5% crit chance. 20% damage is much better.


Any questions/impressions/comments are welcome! I picked this skill from a poll at the start of the league and had a lot of fun making a build that wasn't boring.

Theorycrafter/Build Creator for PORTAL guild
@BlightScourge -> guide @ view-thread/1382667 (Retired till Mjolner is fixed)
Lvl 94 Crit Mjolner Marauder
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