[2.0] 💙Streaky's 160k Max DPS FreezingPulser - LowLife ES-RechargeRate - 💙 Criterino Edition

💙 Streaky's 160k Max DPS FreezingPulser - LowLife ES-RechargeRate - 💙 Criterino Edition

This build is designed to be a fun and quick non-meta farmchar and sacrifices tankyness
for clearspeed. Therefore it is not recommended as a HC or leveling to 100 char.
It requires a good skilled player due to heavily relying on flask usage, positioning and situational decisions.


+ Freezing, Shattering
+ Fast Movement
+ Fun and Fast gameplay
+ Massive ClearSpeed
+ NonMeta Spell, NonMeta defensives
+ Lagfree, low Particle Usage, still awesome looking


- very player-skill dependend, correct positioning and handling alltime flask usage is not for everyone, but once mastered rewards with top-end clearspeed
- Not a no-brainer like Cyclone + Discharge
- Getting instarekt is party of the job if unaware.
- expensiverino
- not for levelling purposes


DPS: 137.000 / 164.000 (Atziri's Promise)
CastsPerSec: 6.5

4.6k ES
1425 ES/Sec RechargeRate
63% faster start of ES Recharge, 1.26sec without Damage
43% EvasionChance (mana flask always running with an '%inc EvasionRating' suffix)
75/75/75 res

For a quick video guide, clickerino here:


Since LifeLeech was nerfed, i came up with the idea to use the Autorecharge of Energyshield with the
'%Increased EnergyShield RechargeRate' and '%faster Start of ES Recharge' nodes in the passive tree, jewels and Leo's Mastermod.
Combined with a highCritChance, Cast Speed and FreezingPulse's inbuild 25% FreezeChance at the first 1/4 Projectile-Max-Distance, we pretty much freeze most of the Mobs and Bosses, granting us a good survivability scaled with our damage output.
Even though FP got a +40% incProjectile Speed at max Quality, i chose to link it with FasterProjectiles Support gem. The reason for that is, that to compensate our small sized 4k ES Pool, we have to get as much range as possible; it also grants 10% inc Attack Speed if at 20% Quality ;)

As a golem i recommend using ChaosGolem for the '4% reduced physical damage' buff.

Issues are hard-hitting bosses and Ele-Reflect monsters in parties.
Vaal Discipline grants us a chance to reduce incoming damage by outscaling it with a RechargeRate that is not cancelled by taking damage.
The unique Jewel 'Chill of Corruption' helps to keep up the Vaal Souls required since we always freeze and shatter mobs. Atziri's Promise and Doryani's Invitation grant us additional lifeleech for spikey dmg situations.
Also: be aware to not position on damaging GroundEffects (Burn, DesGround) due to them preventing your ES Recharge, very dangerous for us ;)

Our offensives are 2 void batteries, crit, stacking castSpeed and LowLife.
Maligaro's Virtuosity provides an additional great bonus to our CritMultiplier.
Due to Manaregen beeing in such a bad state at 2.0 while Mana flasks getting a buff, i decided to go
with a DivineFlask to sustain my skills.
Rolled with a '+10 Charges' affix we get 8 Mana Flask usages until we have to only rely on clarity.
The only time i run out of mana is whilst playing in very tanky bossfight, e.g in endgame 6 ManParties with low DPS teammates.
Therefore Clarity and +5Mana gained on kill helps us to further sustain our pool.



HeraldOfIce -> Curse on Hit -> Poachers Mark

The curse is best applied on packs, shattering enemies will curse surrounding enemies and grant a
Frenzycharge if killed.

FreezingPulse -> Spell Echo -> FasterProjectiles -> GMP -> ColdPenetration ->Powercharge on Crit

Thanks to the passives (~40% inc CastSpeed), and 2 VoidBatteries (2x20%) we get a pretty high castspeed that is buffed with SpellEcho's "more" CastSpeed modifier.
FasterProjectiles is mandatory to massively increase our range and further push our castspeed by '10% inc CastSpeed" if at max Quality. The same bonus applies for GMP.
I chose GMP instead of LMP since we already have enough DPS to clear fast and reduce the reflected damage a bit. It also plays more smooth to have 5 instead of 3 Projectiles since it enlarges the cone of damage in front of you, making it easier to take out white packs with one shot.
ColdPen is required for rare monster and bosses with a generic high cold resistance,
Hypothermia as a support gem would do less damage in these situations, won't grant us a 10% inc Dmg at max Quality and we already have a very high freeze chance due to our 8 Powercharges.

Powercharge on Crit for obvious reasons, making it easier to sustain powercharges.
If you only have a 5 Link available, replace the curse on the Herald Of Ice with Assassin's Mark and leave PCOC out.

Movement Skills:
FlameDash -> FasterCasting -> LessDuration -> LightningWarp

UseFlameDash to escape tricky situations and Lightning Warp for fast travel between packs / obstacles.

VaalDiscipline -> IncreasedDuration

For Reflect / Bossfights pop your vaal discipline and nearly invulnerable for 5 seconds.
Nearly. So be careful though.

CWDT -> FrostWall
CWDT Level should be kept low around Lvl 1-4 to keep it triggering more often.

FrostWall saves us in case of getting stunlocked by projectiles / hits by casting a wall between
you and the enemy, blocking all further projectiles and melee monsters.
FreezingPulse has a 100% Pierce Chance and will pass the wall, allowing you to use it as a self-cast cover.

How to play:
Position yourself via your movement skills, mainly Lightning Warp, keep in Mind to have at least one FlameDash casts in peto for 'oh-shit' moments, like Forst/Stormbearers or fixing bad positioning.

As mentioned, keep using your autocast Frostwall has a dynamic cover and position behind it.

Due to your manapool relying on Flask usage, you will press it every ~5 seconds, therefore i advice you putting it on a hotkey on your mouse.


Normal: Skillpoint
Cruel: 5% CastSpeed
Mercieless: Powercharge


DPS: 8Powercharges, 3 Frenzy, Crit + CastSpeed
Tank: ES, ES RechargeRate / FasterStart of Recharge, Positioning, Freezing the entire Screen, MassiveRange

Don't be mean. Meow.
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hmmmm.... nice build, but, you can change the PCOC with other support and you can generate charges with Assassins Mark, it
I'm not Brazilian.

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