Unstoppable question

"Movement Speed" is a stat that only affects how fast the character runs. It has no effects on things like casting, attacking, or placing traps. Penalties to movement speed come from things like ground tar, or the movement speed penalty on armour.

"Slow" is a specific mechanic that modifies the speed all the character's animations, and thus affects everything they do. Slow is not a modifier to movement speed, and movement speed modifiers are not slows. Slow is caused by things like Temporal Chains, Chill, or Freeze.
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I take it that this means if you take Unstoppable you cannot be frozen?

Or when you're frozen you can still move but can't attack?
It means you can be frozen and can still move and attack (and cast, etc) as normal.
Chilled Ground applies Chill, which is a slow effect. It won't be able to slow you below base speed. The same is true of other slow effects (Freeze, Temporal Chains).

Since there are very few "reverse-slows" in the the game*, you're almost always at base speed with regard to the slow mechanic, so slows will do absolutely nothing.

*Someone pointed out on reddit that the Acceleration Shrine does this at 50% - this means acceleration shrine currently counteracts all of chill (30% slow) and half of freeze (100%). This is the only case in the game I'm aware off which does this.
Meridin wrote:
- The chilled ground slows your movement, attack, and cast speeds.
- The acceleration shrine boosts your movement, attack, and cast speeds.

- Your are chilled. Your movement, attack, and cast speeds are slowed.
- Your are on crack. Your movement, attack, and cast speeds are boosted.
A big part of the issue is that this is not what slow does. Slow does not affect attack speed, cast speed, or movement speed - it is not a modifier to any of those things. It's a slow on the character that affects the speed of any animations to play, and operates at an entirely separate level from such speed modifiers. Thus we can't describe it in those terms.

Hence, "slow" works, because it gets across the nature of the effect, but "boost" doesn't, because boost could be anything - it doesn't imply making you faster.
Meridin wrote:
Well that's wierd, because I copied that description of chill from the wiki. I found the real description of chill when I actually went in the game: Your actions are slowed while standing on chilled ground.
We've never had to actually refer to "slow" effects before, so standardising the terminology wasn't as important. It's only recently I've gone through the various descriptions of such things and made sure they use the correct terminology (some of which might not be in-game yet), so the wiki was probably just a little bit out of date.

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