Community Showcase - Compilation Video, Detonate Dead Prank and more!

Detonate Dead Prank by Willywonka_HC and Greendude

[Comic] Darkshrines and You by Gallio
Gallio has been making Path of Exile comics for a long time now. We have the latest one in the spoiler below. Here are a few of his gems from the past as well: A Tale of Two Brothers, A Tale of My Mistakes, PoE Tales - Snow Day, PoE Mart.

[Fan Art] Beyond Demons by Jackyan

3D Renders by Raequaoth
The Eternal Laboratory

The Library Archives

We were really impressed with Raequaoth's 3D renderings of game areas and items! If you're interested in checking out more of his work you can do so here.

Awakening Community Highlights by Mirek Le Fou
Mirek Le Fou is back again with another great compilation of community highlights from the Tempest/Warbands and Flashback season. You may also remeber his highlights from the Forsaken Masters Era.
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Those 3D renders looks incredible. Awesome work, Raequaoth. :)

Edit: Would also make a great desktop wallpaper.
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go community!
Sure, the lab can be hard, but it's pretty easy if you're properly geared, and not terrible at the game.
Saw those 3D renders and realized that I will never be as cool as the guy who did them.

Also, first page?!

EDIT: Visit the 3D-render-man's site. He's REALLY good!
gimme money bitch
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Awesome! Especially love those renders ;)
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Amazing 3D art.

"Top Kek. Peace. Broem."
I loved watching the Awakening Community highlights video. Awesome work Bex :)

This game really provides the lowest of emotional lows and the highest of emotional highs. It really is such a fantastic game and deeply engaging.
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Loved the video! Thanks
These sort of news posts ar usually my least favourite.


This time they're all amazing.
First video so trolly and then the art is amazing.
And the 25minutes i spend waching the complication were so worth it!

Im honoured to be able to play with all the great players of Path of Exile
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First page hype!

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