Important Announcements Soon

Full details of the 2.1.0 Content Update will be announced at the end of next week. This update includes the Talisman Challenge Leagues, many new skills, unique items, balance changes and bug fixes. It will be released in December, once the Darkshrine events have ended.

Many astute community members have noticed clues related to an upcoming larger expansion. We'll be announcing Path of Exile's next major expansion (internally numbered 2.2.0) in late November. This expansion will be released in Q1 2016, when the Talisman challenge leagues end. In the meantime, keep an eye out for other clues in places you don't expect.

In other news, the Soulthirst Race Season started today. Best of luck!

As we mentioned last week, sales of our current supporter packs end a week from now (video). If you'd like to purchase one to support our future development, you can do so here. Thanks for your generous support!
I can't wait, great info :D
IGN: @Marcin
News on new support pack!S?
hype! Can´t wait for my new tshirt from supporter Packs <3
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Wow, hype for more contents, you guys are awesome, thanks so much for continuously updating this game, for me it is money well spent.

Maybe you guys should make a limited time microtransactions to celebrate All Blacks become the first team to win the world cup back to back and to win it three times?
Last edited by Megidolaon on Nov 5, 2015, 6:04:54 PM
announcing announcements.
hype! more content :)

I need more purple titles
Incoming Incinerate nerf and Chaos/Poison buff.
Why so serious?

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