[2.0] Burning Blackhole Templar

This Templar reaches high clearspeed with 2 different Totemtypes.

A Ball Lightning totem with a high reverse Knockback chance,
wich pulls (freeze/stun) every Monster in Range to one spot.
A Flame Totem then shocks and kills everything in the center.
After placing both totems, u can lean back and watch the kills.

Video: (sorry for bad quality)

Unique Jewels
- Clear Mind (soloplay, more damage)
- Rain of Splinters (partyplay, more pull range)

Unique Items
- Sire of Shards
- Empire's Grasp
- Three Dragons
- Infernal Mantle (optional)
- Lioneyes Remorse (optional/2nd slot)

Passive Skills
- Ancestral Bond (2 totems)
- Blood Magic
- Fending Nodes (faster pull)
- All non-crit Totem Nodes
- Ele/Fire Damage and Life Nodes
- Elemental Equilibrium (optional)

Example Level 100 Tree:


Pull Totem Setup => ST-BL-KB-FC-MP-LP (in Sire of Shards)
- Spell Totem
- Ball Lightning
- Knockback Q20
- Faster Casting
- Greater Multiple Projectiles
- Lightning Penetration (for freeze)

Fire Totem Setup => FT-FP-FC-FP-CD-IW (in Infernal Mantle)
- Flame Totem
- Fire Penetration
- Faster Casting
- Faster Projectiles
- Added Chaos Damage
- Iron Will or. Empower

Cull Totem Setup => FT-FP-CS-IR(-KB) (in Empire's Gasp)
- Flame Totem
- Fire Penetration
- Culling Strike
- Item Rarity
- (Knockback lvl 10 from Empire's Gasp)

i never made a guide,
hope thats ok so far
later more ...
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