2.0.3 CI Crit Reave. 7.3k ES 88k DPS no charges, 157k Peak

Hey Everyone!

Today I'm going to seek help in working with my altered version of my pre 2.0 build.

https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/999209 - I miss these days D:

This build has been modified for 2.0 in order to try reach the same goal - high DPS with reasonable survivability.

Build Details:

- Ci, ES & Armour hybrid with a little evasion worked in too.
- Dagger & Shield
- Reave build centred around reaching max crit chance & multiplier
- Usually on maximum Power and endurance charges with Blood rage available for high mob stacks.
- Expensive, unless you get lucky with chaos orbs.

- Reasonable DPS - Currently on 88k without charges. With charges and flasks I peak to 157k
- All resistances are Over-capped
- Immune to chaos
- High ES pool - 7.355k Currently
- Freeze everything you touch
- 11% chance to evade
- 30% chance to avoid stun
- 12% damage reduction from Armour
- High mobility
- Mana isn't an issue
- 0.18 attack speed without charges

- Build can cost at least 50 ex just to get started
- Build is difficult until late 80s
- Leech is a love/hate relationship
- Leech is just often a hate relationship
- Without Warlord's mark, leech is almost non-existent
- (I would love someone to help me Isolate my areas of opportunity to improve!)


- Permanent Immunity to freeze due to rate of flask recharge and duration.
- Handy chance for IIQ and IIR - dependant on my memory which sucks!
- Armour boost for big hitters - Can be swapped for Rumi's Concoction (I Need)
- DPS, max res and leech boost.
- Bleeding removal - Can be swapped for Deodre's Elixir (I have)

Skill tree:


4L: Vengeance + Reckoning + Inc Crit Chance + PCoC - 92.89% chance for crit being the source of power charges.
4L: CWDT + Increased duration + Ice Golem + Immortal Call - Straight forward with golem in their to ensure re-casting without pause.
4L: Tempest shield, Molten shell, CWDT, Warlord's mark - WM is deliberately higher to cast separately
3L: Flicker + whirling blades + Fortify - Flick to get in their face, whirling to evade. Both giving fortify which is very convenient!
3L: Blood rage + Discipline + Hatred. Worst of all links as changing weapons to remove BR makes me lose auras...
6L: Reave + Multistrike + Faster attacks + melee Phys Damage + Increased critical damage + Concentrated effect. - thanks to flicker, conc doesn't seem to hinder my reach and clear speed to badly.

Screen shots:

Character Name: "Priky"
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i currently have a reave lv 83 that can hit 133k dmg but i often get ggd by myself due to reflect... how can i fix this :/... hoping they make a phys -> chaos gem someday

death's hand + Bino combo

blood dance

res are capped
flame golem
7 frenzy
3 power
blood rage

only have 3.2k life atm tho.... no other life nodes nearby that i can grab atm
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