[Blackmarket 0.6.5] Trade search tool: Fixed critcal bugs | OR logic implemented!

The exiles' ultimate way to find the best items in wraeclast.

What is it?

It's a Path Of Exile trade search tool that allows you to search what you want in easiest possible way. 100% free, ad-free and open source. It uses /u/trackpete Exile Tools Indexer Public API, and features a good search form as well as an advance mode that allows you to manually build your Elastic JSON Queries; making Blackmarket the most powerful search tool available for PoE.


Info Graphics:

Poster/Info graphics





1. Auto notification of items. E.g. Get a sound notification when 5c Tabula Rasa is posted. Any other item/s can be searched as well. This feature is called Durian Mode (name taken from previous project I have).

2. Easy to use Search Form: you got fields for pseudo life, so instead of manually entering "(pseudo) (total) +# to maximum Life", all you need to do is to enter 50 on the min (or max). The same is true for Fire/Cold/Light/Chaos/Total Res and Str/Int/Dex Attributes.


3. Advance Mode - this mode grants you Power Overwhelming search queries. See this reddit comment and my reply for an example.


4. WTB tracker - if you clicked on WTB, it gets recorded how many times. As well as a change in color in the UI - this is all to help you remember which item have you PM'ed or not.

5. More accurate Online status. Blackmarket is dead accurate on Online status of players - see my reddit comment where I've tested it.

6. Ad free! Loading ads takes a lot of badwidth that's needed for Lockstep. Note that these annoying ads also reload whenever they want!

7. And a lot of small quality of life features.



All in one zip package (125mb): https://github.com/thirdy/blackmarket/releases/download/v0.6/blackmarket.zip

Excluded JRE package (65mb), *only use this if you have Java installed (at least JRE 1.8.0_60 required): github.com/thirdy/blackmarket/releases/download/v0.6/blackmarket-without-jre.zip


You'll see two executables:


Both will run blackmarket, however, blackmarket-launcher will also check for any updates and automatically download them. The updates come from the blackmarket-releases github repo. It is important that you use the blackmarket-launcher.exe since I committed a few bug fixes.


Due to the current limitation of the PoE forum bumping issue, Blackmarket's support for Permanent Standard and Hardcore is limited. See this reddit comment as well.


UPDATE 12-09-2015: Version 0.6.5
1. Fixed critical bug: updated code to recent exile tools improvements
2. Set Standard as default league


Advance Mode: http://i.imgur.com/DRQWrUf.png

PoE-TradeMacro - https://github.com/PoE-TradeMacro/POE-TradeMacro/
ExileTrade - http://exiletrade.github.io/
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neat, looks really nice

another competitor for PoE.trade
I dont see any any key!
k1rage wrote:
neat, looks really nice

another competitor for PoE.trade

Thanks. Not so nice on larger resolutions though (I use 1366x768 reso). The text are too small on 1920x reso. Will be fixing this

edit: with version 0.5, the texts are a lot better now
PoE-TradeMacro - https://github.com/PoE-TradeMacro/POE-TradeMacro/
ExileTrade - http://exiletrade.github.io/
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My biggest concern is difficulty in searching for life or resists on gear from what I can see.
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My biggest concern is difficulty in searching for life or resists on gear from what I can see.

I thought the section for explicit / implicit mods covered that as well as POE.trade does.
Did you scroll right? it is a wide picture
How about indicating mod tier? Or at least indicating prefix and suffix for each mod? Not sure what's involved in making that happen but POE.trade is missing that feature.

This looks great!
Is it possible to show which mods are prefixes, suffixes or hybrids? I'm asking because I'm often not sure which mods I could master craft onto an item on poe.trade and sometimes you can turn a decent item into a really nice item with a cheap upgrade if there is still room on it.
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Oh, awesome! Finally a standalone tool that actually seems to run on Linux. (I mean, it looks kinda ugly due to issues with font antialiasing, but whatever, it works!)

Anyway, is there a way to sort results based on a certain parameter (e.g. DPS)?
For the prefix/suffix and tier info on the mods, I actually made one for poe.trade. See my sig. On the next version of Blackmarket, I'll be adding this feature. Basic logic for now though, the non-impossible cases with hybrid mods are a challenge to get it right.

For the UI on linux, I think it would run okay since I'm using JavaFX and not Swing (which is 10+yrs old). Stuff like High DPi scaling are supported now. Haven't tested though.

As for sorting, via the search form, it's not possible atm. But it is possible with the Advance mode:

Below will search for 2h axe from Flashback Event SC, that is at least 400 pDPS, but price is within 1ex to 5ex. Sort by highest pDPS, then sort it by cheapest.

JSON Query for the advance mode: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=fMhhaEsz
Here's screenshot of the result: http://i.imgur.com/dVSCedA.png

The power is limitless when you use the advance mode. However I understand that this is not easy to use for all. My hope is that these JSON Search Queries will be shared here on the forums. Common queries like searching for life, tri-res, high roll uniques, currencies etc.

A long shot hope also is that somebody will make a detailed guide for it and then others will then be able make some very clever queries. Because once you understand it, it's actually easy, mostly just copy/pasting.

Just in case somebody is interested on it:

Here are some things that would help with understanding the JSON Query for the Advance Mode:

JSON: http://www.json.org/

Blackmarket itself: when you switch to Advance Mode, all the things that you've configured in the Normal Search Form is translated into the JSON Query, with this you can deduce how it works

Exile Tools Shop Indexer Elastic Search API home page: http://api.exiletools.com/info/indexer.html

The Elastic mappings for the Exile tools API: https://github.com/thirdy/durian/blob/v0.2/durian/src/main/resources/net/thirdy/durian/backend/poe.json

Elastic Search Documentation on Query DSL: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/query-dsl.html

In my experience in reading the Elastic docs, they will punch you with jargons and assumes that you understand elastic server side concepts. You can safely ignore these, it's not needed. You can get away with just trial and error style learning.

Last note, you can actually use these JSON Query without Blackmarket. Can you fire these query via cURL as you might see in Pete's blog.
PoE-TradeMacro - https://github.com/PoE-TradeMacro/POE-TradeMacro/
ExileTrade - http://exiletrade.github.io/
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PoE-TradeMacro - https://github.com/PoE-TradeMacro/POE-TradeMacro/
ExileTrade - http://exiletrade.github.io/

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