LLD porn

Let's put 'ethical' on any pvp thing. just because.


ethical bear trapper. ethical magma orb offscreener. ethical flask macro. ethical zoomhack.
ethical 21% attack speed Tempestuous Steel, ethical lycosidae

Have you read the unofficial community pvp rules? That's what i define as ethical.
Colorblind? - Check out the Unofficial colourblind mode!
Ethical off-hand

Marauders love it!
VZ58 wrote:
Ethical off-hand

Marauders love it!

Marauders would love it if they could get the dexterity to use it ;^)

Remember back when I played Marauder as my main I had a light quiver solely to use a bow. Good shit.
Much easier to hit bone bow dex than royal bow for marauder, but I agree, still not easy.

some old unfinished items

and a newbie

how much did that jewel cost you
if i bought it this late in the league there would be no way i could afford it :P
so the answer is: considerably less than what its worth lol

not sure if ethical...
sunyc wrote:

I like this post. Items are nice too, lots of affixes.

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