2.0.4 Patch Notes (2nd October 7pm NZT Realm Restart)

We are restarting the realm in order to deploy a fix which temporarily disables the mission variations for Tora (the Master) which require you to venture into a Den and kill monsters.

This is disabled as a bug introduced in 2.0.4 resulted in some of these not able to be completed and we will work on getting this fixed early next week.
Sweet. Thank you.
RIP tora :'(
No more dank dens, game unplayable.
Yeah I could not get into the den earlier for shit
I am the world's best path of exile player, I strong I kill all monster with amazing power
PopeJo wrote:
RIP tora :'(

She'll be just giving the missions to kill stuff in her zone without going into the corrupted den which got broken in 2.0.4.
Poor Tora, everyone on the test realm couldn't be bothered doing her missions :)
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Massive thanks to GGG for producing such a fun and engaging game, it has taken up faaaaaaar too much of my life over the last 5 years.

Best of luck in the future!
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Weird I did a den mission earlier and it worked as intended....
There was also a Problem for me with PvP. Couldn't join any event. So no Leo mission...

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