2.0 HC Tornado Shot, Ice Shot totem, split arrow

Here is my version of a Tornado Shot Ranger, I use an ice shot totem to slow everything around me and split arrow to give me power charges and curse. I starting using Neversink's Tornado Shot build but I wanted to make it a little tankier and didn't like using the physical to lightning gem. I decided to use Iron Reflexes instead of Acrobatics, also I wanted to use added fire damage instead of the physical to lightning to get the most out of life leech. This also gives you a more even mix of elemental and physical damage to ensure that reflect hurts the least. (Ideally 50% physical and elemental damage would be ideal for reflect since they are both at 50% effectiveness). I run Hatred and Grace and use Elreon's Jewelry and the Charisma node to ensure I can run the 2 auras and still use all my skills.

I used Split arrow and puncture for leveling. Split arrow alone is awesome for leveling with a decent bow. Also Elreon's jewelry will allow you to not worry at all about mana during leveling.

My Gear (I am only level 62, I started this build due to my bow I crafted):


Normal: Help Oak
Cruel: Kill all
Merc: Power Charge


Tornado Shot: LMP/GMP - Physical Projectile Attack Damage - Faster Attacks - Added Fire Damage
Ranged Attack Totem: Ice Shot - LMP/GMP - Chain
Split Arrow: - Curse on Hit - Assassin's Mark - Faster Attacks - Power Charge On Crit
4L: Grace - Hatred - Ice Golem - Blink Arrow

Starting the build:


Go to the right and down to spirit void only if you need the mana leech (I didn't with Elreon Jewelry)

Also I would recommend the Deadly Draw or Heavy Draw keystones to the right if you are struggling with damage.

Current Tree at level 62:

End Game Build:

Mana Issues:

Be careful leveling up your ice shot totem (Ice shot gem specifically) because the cost will get too high to be able to support the cost with the Elreon Jewelry, I also got 1 point of mana leech (Spirit void) once all my skills were no longer free (I had -22 cost through jewelry)

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