[2.0] Zzzh4's budget magic finder - dual Incinerate totem (Atziri viable)

Hello everyone and welcome to my build! I have always wanted to play a magic find character so I finally decided to craft a build and give it a go. Since then the build has proven to be successful so I decided to share it with everyone! Now without further ado let's jump right in!

So you might be wondering what this build is about? This is build for making currency while also being able to do a decent amount damage on its own. This build will not break any speed records but it will help you collect currency for that fancy Mjölner build.
Pros and cons of this build:

-This is a cheap build with a lot of MF potential(under 1 ex)
-This build is good for beginners and experienced players alike.
-The build is quite tanky with 4000 life, 2500 ES and 160 hp regen.
-You can play solo or be the culler of a party.

-This is not an in-your-face build due to the nature of the totems and some might not like this playstyle.

Offensive and defensive stats

To calculate your DPS use this formula:
TooltipDPS*4*2(number of totems)=Real DPS
For me this number is 37336

With Granite flask

Magic find
With Divination Distillate and party setup

Without Dicination Distillate with party setup

Tree + how to level
Leveling is easy with Lightning Tendrils and/or Flame Totem. Since Scion does not get flame as a quest reward you can ask someone in global chat to give you a lvl1 Flame totem. After you kill Brutus you can buy Spell Totem from Nessa. After you kill Merveil you can also buy Incinerate from Nessa and link it with Spell totem.
20 Points
41 Points
62 Points
85 Points
112 Points(final tree)

These are the jewels I use:

Spire of stone gives us needed totem life and increases our DPS. This is true because when a totem is stunned it looses all incinerate stacks and this jewel prevents that. Rain of splinters is good because it gives our totems more AOE which improves our clear speed significantly(when buying one make sure to get a good roll). The rest of the jewels have stats like totem life, totem damage, totem resistances, projectile damage etc.
This is where you put Spire of stone:

Oak, Kill all, Kill all

Let's start with the weapon. We have 2 choices here: for mapping and for culling/party play.
For mapping you would want a wand like this:

Stats that you need in your wand are high% spell damage, cast speed and if possible added elemental damage to spells(preferably fire)

For party play and culling you will need this:

This dagger is cheap(1 chaos) and gives us a nice amount of spell damage, ES but most importantly it gives us Culling strike. When you are in party you want to kill everything so that your group gets more items. Culling strike makes it so you execute monsters when they are low on health(10% of their maximum life)

Next on the list we have shields. Again we have 2 choices:
For mapping I use this shield:

The stats that you need for your shield are good resistances, high ES and some life.

For party play I use this shield:

When in party you will want to use this shield as it gives you more item rarity. When using the party setup(dagger,shield) you will have less DPS and tankiness but that doesn't matter because in a party your job is to execute monsters and support your group. You can leave your party members to do the damage.

For headgear you will need a helmet with high ES and item rarity like this one:

Optional stats for the headslot include elemental resistances and extra life.

The chest is an important part of the build. You will want to have high ES, good resistances and possibly extra life. This is the chest that I am using:

You will want to use this belt:

It gives item quantity which is an important magic find stat. It also gives us a lot of attributes which we need for our spells. When choosing one go for the highest item quantity and attributes.
This belt is cheap so you shouldn't have a problem getting a good roll.

The same goes for the gloves:

They give you item quantity so make sure to get a good roll.

For boots you will want to get high item rarity, movement speed, resistances and life if possible.
If you have money the best item in this slot is Goldwyrm.
I'm currently using these:

For rings the thing that you need is high item rarity. If you can get more stats go for resistances and life. I'm currently using these:

The same goes for the amulet. High item rarity and possibly resistances. I'm using this one:


Instant heal anti-freeze flask is a must as is the anti-bleed flask. The granite and quicksilver flasks are also nice. For the granite make sure to get extra armour during its duration.

(Optional)If you collect enough currency getting a Divination Distillate is worth considering as it will increase the the amount of items you will get.

Gem links
For your chest you will want at least a 4L, a 5L is strongly recommended.
Gem setup for chest:
Spell totem -> Incinerate -> Faster casting -> Fire penetration -> Item rarity
If you have a 6L add Item quantity or Faster projectiles if you have no access to IIQ.

Gem setup for helmet:
Flammability -> Increased area of effect -> Faster casting -> Blood magic

Gem setup for wand:
Lightning warp -> Faster casting -> Less duration

Gem setup for shield:
Chaos golem -> Minion life -> Fortify

Gem setup for gloves:
3L Increased AOE -> Enduring cry -> Blood magic
1L Arctic armour

Gem setup for boots:
3L Cast when damage taken lvl 14 -> Immortal call lvl 16 -> Increased duration lvl 20
1L Anger

How to cull bosses when mapping or in party
WS = Weapon swap
When mapping:
Put your mapping weapons in WS1 and your party weapons in WS2
If you have Divination Distillate when the boss has more that 10% health turn off your Anger aura, use your Divination Distillate and weapon swap(bind this key to F).
If you don't have Divination Distillate just swap your weapons when the boss is low on life.
When in party:
You will be using your party WS so when the boss is at 20-15% life turn off your Anger and use Divination Distillate.

How to kill and prepare for Atziri
If you want to kill Atziri make sure that you have 3500+ life,1500-2000+ ES,lvl 19 spell totem and lvl 18 incinerate ,maxed elemental resistances ,100%+ totem life and 15%+ totem resistances.In addition to your normal items you will need these:

For the duo fight swap your granite flask with the topaz one and use it when the vaal oversouls use their ball lightning or laser. This fight is easy if you dodge all of their spells and let your totems do the work.
For the trio swap the topas flask with the granite. In this fight you want to kite the bosses. First I kill the titty bitch. Make sure to avoid the chaos damage on the floor as it hurts a lot. Next kill the cycloner and the the last dude whose name I forgot. Use the anti-bleed flask as it will save your life if you get hit. For the Atziri fight swap increased duration from the IC setup with Purity of fire and turn off Arctic armour.Swap rain of splinters with a damage jewel. Swap the anti-freeze flask with the curse removal one and the granite with ruby one. The key in this fight is to dodge Atziri's spells.

I can't say more for atziri as I have fought her twice with this build. First time I killed the duo and trio deathless and Atziri wrecked me. At the time my spell totem was lvl18, I had only 60% totem life and I wasn't using purity of fire. The second time I died on the duo and 2 times on Atziri but I managed to kill her without a lot of effort.

Thank you for stopping by and if you have any questions or have suggestions for improving the guide feel free to share them. If you guys are interested I will post some videos of the build.
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Decent build. It works well but who do you think you are??? I AM!!!!
Cheap, easy and efficient. Also very well explained. Here's a potato
I'm hesitant to try your build due to it being unpopular, but i guess i'll give it a shot. One little advise about advertising, add MF as an abbrevation to your title so that people can find it directly when searching MF on builds page. I know it sounds silly but I didnt notice your build at first so I thought maybe there are other people around like that. Thanks for sharing!
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why incinerate +spell totem instead of just flame totem?
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xenochaos1 wrote:
why incinerate +spell totem instead of just flame totem?

Since this build is also meant to be able to do solo maps and Atziri, Incinerate totem has much better DPS. That being said if you plan to play in party flame totem is a better idea as it has a higher casts per second. That way you cal also have an extra support gem.
With 5L-6L the mana cost of totem is around 88-96. How do you manage the mana?
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Gensou wrote:
With 5L-6L the mana cost of totem is around 88-96. How do you manage the mana?

You see the mana cost is much lower. With current 5-link of spell totem-incinerate-faster casting-item rarity-fire pen the mana cost of my totem is 25. I have 34.2 mana regen and I have linked my curse and dash with blood magic so that I dont have any mana problems.
Im Enjoying this Build! however kinda confused to what gems i put in weaponset2 on the Heartbreaker and the Wheel of The Stormsail.

What do you put for gems on these?
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