[2.0] Whaitiri's 1H-Sword Crit Cycloner w/ 40k+ Evasion & ~200% Movespeed

Hi there fellow exile, welcome to my Cyclone guide!

Are you bored of all the 2h RT or CoC Cyclone builds and wanna give the skill a new twist?
Then you've come to the right place!

This build makes use of rapiers for their superior weapon range and crit, combined with high evasion and movement speed achieved through Queen of the Forest.
It's not a super expensive build, but you need some currency to get started so i wouldn't recommend it for beginners.

- great clearspeed, easy to play
- highly evasive - 20k+ in town, 40k+ with jade flask
- absurd movement speed, over 200% possible with flasks
- up to 9 frenzy charges + Blood Dance
- almost constant jade + quicksilver flask uptime possible
- works as Ranger, Duelist, Scion and Shadow

- needs ~5ex investment to get started
- high phys damage & high life volatiles can hurt
- good weapon needed to cap crit


1. Passive Tree


Jewel Sockets
This build uses one jewel socket by default, which you will most likely need for Fertile Mind. There's two sockets within 2pt reach and four sockets within 3pt reach, which you could potentially spec into.

Here's a breakdown of node clusters which you could replace if your jewels give more for the same amount of nodes, starting from best to worst:

- Hired Killer = 14% life for 3 nodes
- Profane Chemistry = 12% life for 3 nodes
- Attack Speed (Ranger Start) = 8% attack speed for 1 node
- Thick Skin = 18% life for 3 nodes + 1 pathing node
- Fencing = 40% Crit, 3% attack speed, 12% accuracy, 24% phys dmg for 4 nodes + 1 pathing node if not taking Thick Skin


2. Bandit Rewards

Help Oak
Help Oak/Kraytin
Help Alira/Kraytin

Helping Oak in Normal should be a no-brainer. In Cruel you can decide between more leech = Oak vs. more DPS = Kraytin. I personally went with Oak here. Merciless leaves you with another choice: Alira gives you more DPS, Kraytin gives more utility. I went with the latter.


3. Gems

Gem Breakdown

Gems listed in order of importance.

Main Attack: The first four gems build the base you should have before jumping into maps.
Increased Crit Damage as fifth link is a nice DPS boost once you have a good crit weapon, until then you could also use Increased Crit Strikes temporarily. Faster Attacks is a lower boost and should be kept as your sixth link. WED/Added Fire would be more optimal in this slot as you could switch it with Life Leech/Fortify when needed, but that would require 5 off colours on Queen of the Forest.
Keep Conc Effect in your inventory and put it into Increased AoE's place for tougher bossfights without many adds.

Mobility: We use Leap Slam to move over gaps and more importantly, to proc Fortify when needed.

Utility: A low level Enfeeble linked to CwDt reduces the probability further to get hit, and reduces the damage of everything that surpasses evasion's entropy and Acrobatics.
Blood Rage provides us leech, some attack speed and frenzy charges. Enhance is used to minmax the gain of both, but not absolutely required.

It's important that you keep the gems at the shown levels, otherwise CwDt will not trigger them.

Auras: Hatred and Herald of Ash are two of the three reservation auras we use.
Vaal Grace is a temporary survivability bonus for bosses, strongboxes and everything else that can get nasty, with Increased Duration maximizing the use.

Seperate these into 2x 2L's, otherwise Inc Duration's Mana Multiplier would affect mana reservation.

Aura: Our third reservation aura. Combined with Hatred and Crit we deal enough damage to shatter enemies, which will apply Assassin's Mark onto surrounding enemies to generate power charges and crit harder. You could also use Herald of Thunder here, but i personally prefer Herald of Ice.

Utility: Immortal Call helps surviving unfortunate physical damage bursts, Summon Ice Golem provides us with some useful crit and accuracy. I found a Lv10 CwDt provides the perfect balance between damage treshold and golem survivability to keep it up all the time.

It's important that you keep the gems at the shown levels, otherwise CwDt will not trigger them.


4. Gear

Gear Breakdown

Weapon: For this build we use a rapier. They offer the best weapon range out of all one handers, which is very valuable for cyclone, can get high base crit and come with 20% implicit crit multiplier. Most optimal base is a Vaal Rapier - they can have up to 8.9% base crit!
Aim for high pDPS with good crit, add crit multiplier with Vagan if a suffix is open.

Chest: This build is focussed around Queen of the Forest. It gives solid defenses, but more importantly allows us to reach obscene movement speed through evasion stacking.
Lightning Coil and the buffed versions of Hyrri's Ire and Bronn's Lithe could also be used, but they would remove one of the biggest strengths of this build.

Shield: Get a rare shield with 1k+ evasion, life and resistances. Block Chance is of less relevance for us with Acrobatics, so don't overpay for that.

Helmet: Rat's Nest and nothing else. This helmet has almost everything we want - high evasion, crit and even attack + movement speed. Only a life roll is missing, but that would make this item too powerful.

Gloves: Another slot to gain lots of evasion from. Aim for 400+ evasion, Slink Gloves can easily roll that. Other affixes should be life and resistances, and if any slots left attack speed, accuracy or flat damage.

Boots: We use Blood Dance to support Blood Rage in getting Frenzy Charges up, but more importantly for the huge life regen to sustain Blood Rage degen, Cyclone BM cost and still have some positive regen. If you can, get a pair with +1 Frenzy Charge corruption.

Belt: A rare belt, preferably leather base with high life and resistances is all you need.
Flask charges gained & flask effect duration are great mods to keep our flasks, and with that our mobility up. If a prefix is open, add movement speed with Tora.

Jewelry: Main focus should be on crit, life and atleast one good accuracy roll. Some strength is needed to maximize our strength based gems, 67 total intelligence from all three slots can free up a jewel slot. Fill the other affixes with resistances, flat damage, attack speed or WED.

Flasks: A seething divine & catalysed eternal life flask build our main way to quickly heal before another hit goes through. Use a granite flask of iron skin or Taste of Hate to sustain possible physical hits. The last two slots should be a surgeons jade flask of reflexes and surgeons quicksilver flask of adrenaline. When used together, we can reach over 200% movement speed and thanks to surgeons quickly refill them from pack to pack.
I'd also recommend to have atleast one surgeons life flask on switch for bossfights without adds.

Jewels: If you can't get enough intelligence through jewelry use a Fertile Mind in the jewel socket between Duelist and Scion. Rare jewels should have life, crit (chance+multi) and phys/area damage. For more information please read the jewel socket section at the beginning of this guide.


5. Gameplay

Cyclone is very easy to play and this build is no exception. Use your Jade and Quicksilver Flask while approaching a pack, and if you're fast enough you can keep both up from pack to pack for almost 100% uptime.

Proc Fortify through leaping when facing tougher situations and use your Granite Flask towards high physical damage targets or physical reflect. Vaal Grace is very helpful against bosses, when opening strongboxes or big packs of nasty mobs. Two things you really have to look out for are big Herald of the Obelisk packs and high life Volatile Blood rares. Vaal Grace and evasion are pretty useless here.

Most mapmods work without problems. You can't run Blood Magic, and unless you have 3r on your chest to use Life Leech also No Regen and Phys Reflect.
Mapbosses that cast a high amount of strong spells, such as Sallazzang, Megaera and Dominus can get nasty, but are doable. I recommend to be very cautious or skip high physical damage mapbosses like Brutus, Kole or the Village Ruin duo. Malformation Piety is doable with good fps, otherwise i'd recommend to skip her.
Atziri is possible and fairly easy. Unfortunately my fps aren't good enough to record a run, so you'll have to try and see it on your own.


6. My Character



Defenses unbuffed

Defenses buffed

DPS unbuffed

DPS w/ 6 Frenzy & 3 Power Charges

DPS w/ 6 Frenzy & 3 Power Charges + Taste of Hate

*Slashing Comeback buffs this by almost 10k!

DPS w/ Conc Effect unbuffed

DPS w/ Conc Effect + 6 Frenzy & 3 Power Charges

DPS w/ Conc Effect + 6 Frenzy & 3 Power Charges + Taste of Hate


7. Videos

Orchard Boss w/ Vulnerability, Shocked Ground & 79% Lightning Dmg
Plateau w/ Onslaught, Burning Ground, EE, 83% Cold Dmg & Unique Boss Dmg/Atk Speed/Life/AoE
Oba's Cursed Trove

*I wish those videos would reflect the strength of this build a little better, but i'm just lagging too much while recording.


Thanks for reading my guide. Please leave questions and concerns in the comments.

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Good guide Bro. Looks a lot of fun.
Can't have 123 skill points if you help the bandits.
Janes50 wrote:
Can't have 123 skill points if you help the bandits.

If you actually click on the link you'll notice it's a 120pt tree. Just naming it 123pt to indicate it's the final Lv100 tree, if anyone happens to get that far or respec.

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