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We are a close knit guild that primarily plays Temp Leagues. We are also heavily involved in helping each other with builds and game knowledge. Our goal is mastering the END GAME!

  • Respect other guild members
  • Follow GGG ToS (Game Terms Of Service)
  • No racial/religious slurs or comments of any kind
  • No discussion or questions about religions
  • Profanity is allowed, just be mindful of other players
  • Be an active member and help or offer when possible
  • Officers are in charge while I am away

Discord- Click here for Discord invite

25 Guild Stash tabs

~~~I generally don't check this posting much so send myself/officer a PM in game or on the forums and we will respond asap!


We will be removing members who have not been active at least once every 3-4 weeks to free up slots for those who want to join the guild
Oh hi
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Still recruiting!

Currently 11 slots left!
Oh hi
Hi! i would like to join your guild.

IGN: Trueo
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Will send you and invite around 4:30pm CST.

Upgraded member slots to 40.

Currently 29/40

Oh hi
Oh hi
DFW based noob here. Would be interested in joining if you are still recruiting.

IGN: Badparrot
Excellent! I will send you as message when I sign in around 4:30pm.

Oh hi
2 spots left!
Oh hi
IGN: NiboH

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