=|PK|= [EU/USA] Peace Keepers - Closed! [Story]

Peace Keepers

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Who Are The Peace Keepers?
The Peace Keepers are a guild that specialize in weaponry and magic, some people call us the law of PoE but we just enjoy keeping the land safe from the evil that lies within. We are here to keep fellow citizens safe from the creatures that lurk around the land, we stop at nothing!

Story Behind The Peace Keepers
We was formed as a military unit too take out feared creatures and too put an end too the chaos that they brought but unfortunately we was too late. The world was a ticking time bomb, waiting to explode, right beneath our feet! We never realized until "Judgement Day". Judgement Day brought hell from the depths too the sky's and the creatures were set free, we could do nothing but sit and stare.

As the creatures rapidly took over the land we was pushed to our limits trying to save everyone we saw But they were too strong and powerful, they quickly over ran us. They killed our teammates, our family's, our nature and most of all our squad. We never saw each other again, we was split up for good, We lived our whole lives with our squad, we cleaned together, fought together damn we even lived together!

But then the only survivor from the squad saw a vision, a vision where man rose up and defeated all evil! That's when he formed the "Peace Keepers".

Extra Information
Thanks for reading all of that above, really means a lot too us as we take the story we created seriously, we love the role play behind it.

Wanting to apply?
Apply here http://peacekeepers.wowlaunch.com/recruiting/create_apply.php?gid=488546 or post these in the comments below:

- Name
- Character
- Level
- Where Do You live
- How Many Hours Do You Spend On PoE

That's it! I know it's very simple but we don't ask for much as we love just the experience itself. If you have any questions then please comment or email me at djgamingx@gmail.com

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- Character - QRN_Sweep
- Level - 81
- Where Do You live - Philadelphia
- How Many Hours Do You Spend On PoE - 2 -3 hours a day
- Name - Diogo
- Character - Bjhorn
- Level- 21
- Where Do You live - Brazil
- How Many Hours Do You Spend On PoE - 2-8 depends on the day
- Name - Chris
- Character - Kitriaa
- Level- 23
- Where Do You live - Canada
- How Many Hours Do You Spend On PoE - 2-5 depends on the day
- Name adam
- Character katais
- Level 55
- Where Do You live minnesota
- How Many Hours Do You Spend On PoE just got back but i will be playing 2-14 hours a day
Name: Matt
Character: BraidWall
Level: 89
Where do you live?: Canada
How many hours do you spend on POE?: 3-5 hours a day
Name: Alex
Character : DiverGent_SC
Level: 80
Where do you live: Ukraine
How many hours: 3-5 depends on the day
Level : 88 (89 soon prob)
Where do you live:Bosnia
How many Hours : 7-10 (1100 total)
- Name : WightWaIker
- Character : Ranger
- Level : 79
- Where Do You live : Vancouver
- How Many Hours Do You Spend On PoE : 5-8 hrs a day!
- Name : Vader
- Character : Marauder
- Level : 58
- Where Do You live : Boston
- How Many Hours Do You Spend On PoE : 5-8 on weekends and 2-6 weekdays

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