[2.0] ETHEREAL KNIVES * ACRO+PACT * DPS 101,5 k basic ** Life 5200 * iZY reflect map

new patch almost destroy glacial casscade so i decide look for new spell - EK won:-D

----max self dps is around
my build inspirated by Ziggy and others EK builds - but my build is specific with use 7 jewels - WHY jewels?? they are rly strong ( amazing DMG + life + ress )

How play my build - izy

** I play HATRED + FLAME GOLEM + THUNDER ( links in gem section ) - without coil i recommend Chaos Golem --- ICE is good for crit and dmg too

** Artic armour is good but with my gear i prefer add some dmg more than defence

** try keep distance from monster --- EK isnt good for meele range , u will lose rly much DPS - if u are near monster use Whirling to fast move and cast again

** moving is about ( whirling ) - warp isnt bad but i think its useless:-D i exp now gem added chaos dmg and dont use it atm. flame dash is good but for atziri isnt perfect like whirling )

** Fortify isnt your main defence so dont try start fight to move into pack monster for fortify - its only for real defence when u are so close but -20% phys is nice (on low maps like 70-76lvl u can jump in to pack with this gear without problem ) but dont try it with 3k life:-D ( acrobatic doesnt mean immortal:-D and biggest argument for it u can kill everything early then u jump there:-D

** Vaal Grace and Vaal Haste help rly much

** u can go almost all maps but need some change gem for specific map or something

** reflect maps ( no problem ) ( phys izy without change ) ( ele - change gem Added chaos dmg instead PHYS TO LIGHT

** blood rage is playable on map where isnt added dmg from monster like +80% dmg - my life flask with increase recovery is ideal

** Lesser manaregen ( turn off HATRED and u can do -40% manaregen )

** No mana or life regen - this is only one mod which i dont go ( propably its with dps possible do it but its useless try lose 10% exp for dead )

** added FLAME totem ( 14k dps ) i use it when need run around and cant cast

DPS & Tree



DPS HATRED + THUNDER + FLAME GOLEM + Charges 4power + 3 frenzy ( without flask )

DPS with HATRED + THUNDER + FLAME GOLEM + ATZIRI FLASK + 4powercharges + 3 frenzy + vaal haste

* super boost DPS is each lvl EK ( almost 7700dps per level 19-20-21 ) ** Hatred + added fire + phys to light using and converting your phys. )

* amazing dps boost its maligaros gloves
try find biggest multiplier ( with my gear is around 2k dps per 10%multi )

Gear & Gems

u need 180+ manaregen - its ideal because u need change gem "added chaos dmg " instead "PHYS to LIGHT" for ele reflect maps - chaos need little bit more manaregen so 170 is good for basic setup -- thats reason why 180 and when u go maps with culler he has for u rly much boost like ( cast ) and then 170 enough.
*Dagger --- spell/multiplier/crit/ +mana/regen/or something what u need ( dagger can use whirling, wand cant )
*Chest- Coil is fantastic ( Belly/Carcass/or high eva with ĺife is good too )
*Head - max life + ress / mana and strengt are welcome too
*Gloves - Maligaros ( crit/multiplier ) add fantastic dmg
*Boots - Atziri is good but without ress cap i recommend some life/ress+movement
*Amulet - all what u need but best dps make Multiplier/spell/life
*Rings- max Life/manaregen/ress/ elron ring with -mana is rly nice
*Belt - max Life/ress/ --- phys dmg like implicit mode is good but i prefer max life than 3k dps

Gems - best is like my : EK + SPELL ECHO + FASTER CAST + PHYS TO LIGHT + ADDED FIRE, LIFE LEECHE - its rly many options but this is BEST DPS
i tried ( Faster projectil, increase multiplier , fork, added cold and others ) every got some specific boost and some + or - but anyway i choose best DPS with izy to do reflect map ( if i have COIL with 2 white socket will be something different but go try vaal coil:-D )
*new added to use FLAME Totem ( 14k dps without special link )

Flask - I use classic flask to remove dangerous mods against u ( freeze, bleeding, curse ) special is flask with increase recovery because is rly good for running with blood rage ( losing life 9sec and that flask heal u 7sec ) so with insta heal from vaal pact u dont have problem
* remove bleeding is in my build twice because i am scared from it and i heal always over flask with remove bleeding and sometimes i dont have there charges and must use second flask for remove it
good for flask mode are %evasion

Defence & Jewels

this build is about Acrobatic + Vaal pact

Super for defence is VAAL GRACE ( i always do start it for Boss and exile ) with increase duration is rly long time to kill everythink

but big survival mode is from lightning coil

cap with COIL is harder but u can do it on start ( play with rare boots or gloves

Chaos ress isnt real problem but i give some chaos ress in future instead cold - its always about some ex:-D

*** Jewels are way how boost DPS + LIFE(ress)
my jewels arent perfect but some are good


Normal Kraytin ( +10 all ress ) or Oak ( +40life )
Cruel ( Oak + 16% phys dmg ) - cast isnt good u have rly much cast on spell echo + faster casting
Merciles Alira ( +1 power charge ) or kill all ( sklil point )

if u want u can leave me msg here or contact me ing: Charlieezed
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UPDATE: new life 5050 -- new basic DPS 97,3k


==== UPDATE ===

*on 94lvl reached to next JEWEL so improve from 97,3k dps -- 101,5k dps and life from 5050 to 5200 thx god for JEWELs

* basic screen updated
* update tree
* added flame totem

if u see item rarity gem instead phys to light dont worry i only try farm
10/10 build.
I am playing with your build..

May i ask something?
how many ex for each jewel?
Last edited by JosephTri on Sep 22, 2015, 2:33:30 AM
JosephTri wrote:
I am playing with your build..

May i ask something?
how many ex for each jewel?

i dindt buy it - i always made it for me
i think they are about 3-5ex
hi can ask u how much multiplier % atleast need for ur build and ur crit chance how much %?
hi dude can you do passiv tree for 40 lvl 60 lvl ?
hi pls can you do passiv tree for 40 lvl 60 lvl ?
hi pls can you do passiv tree for 40 lvl 60 lvl ?

bro 40-60 lvl is rly fast so try keep tree but i need update it on new version and before it need know what new is here.

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